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Pendrive Frenzy

This is a tool for copying files and images to multiple USB drives as 
fast as possible.  The application starts copying data at the moment it 
detects a new drive.


The application indicates copying progress using colors:

  * white - there is nothing to do,
  * orange - in progress,
  * green - everything done, drive can be removed,
  * red - something has failed.


The application has to be executed with a config file as its parameter.  
Some examples are attached. Every project needs a valid directory 
structure. In a configuration directory there has to be:

  * the config file (it can be named config.ini),
  * partitions directory, which contains

    * directories - if You want to copy files,
    * files - if You want to write an image,
    named with partition numbers,

  * scripts directory, which contains optional script to run after    
    creation of the MBR or a partition; their names are set in a config 

Example of a directory structure:


          1/  - copy files
          2   - write image
          3/  - copy files

In the config file You have to define in which mode You want this tool 
to operate: copy-only or create-mbr. Copy-only only copies data.  
Create-mbr first creates partitions via MBR modification and then copies 

There is a tool attached, which will help You generate a config file, 
for example:


  $ /dev/sdd

This would output a config file using current /dev/sdd partitions 
properties as its base.


The tool uses rsync (with --delete) to copy files and dd to copy 

It creates MBR and filesystems using UDisks via DBus.

Additional information about drive's geometry is generated by 
python-parted (so it's a dependency).


Current version is the versatile branch descendant. Last old version has 
been uploaded as commit 9:925aa80838b2.

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