as3-4house / .actionScriptProperties

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<actionScriptProperties mainApplicationPath="testrunner.mxml" version="3">
<compiler additionalCompilerArguments="-locale en_US -keep-as3-metadata=Parameterized" copyDependentFiles="true" enableModuleDebug="true" generateAccessible="false" htmlExpressInstall="true" htmlGenerate="true" htmlHistoryManagement="true" htmlPlayerVersion="9.0.124" htmlPlayerVersionCheck="true" outputFolderPath="bin-debug" sourceFolderPath="test" strict="true" useApolloConfig="false" verifyDigests="true" warn="true">
<compilerSourcePathEntry kind="1" linkType="1" path="test"/>
<compilerSourcePathEntry kind="1" linkType="1" path="src"/>
<libraryPath defaultLinkType="1">
<libraryPathEntry kind="4" path=""/>
<libraryPathEntry kind="1" linkType="1" path="libs"/>
<application path="testrunner.mxml"/>
<application path="ControlsTests.mxml"/>
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