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Merged muttrc, added <c-direction> window motions to vimrc

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+set realname="David Wolever"  #replace this with your name
+my_hdr From: David Wolever <david@wolever.net> #replace this
+set editor="vim -f  -c 'set tw=60 nobackup'" #your favourite editor
+set pager_context=1                        
+set pager_index_lines=6                 #show a mini-index in pager
+set menu_scroll  
+set status_on_top                       #put status line at top
+set sort=threads                        #sort by message threads in index
+set ispell="/usr/bin/aspell -e -c"
+set pgp_decode_command="gpg %?p?--passphrase-fd 0? --no-verbose --batch --output - %f"
+set pgp_verify_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --output - --verify %s %f"
+set pgp_decrypt_command="gpg --passphrase-fd 0 --no-verbose --batch --output - %f"
+set pgp_sign_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --output - --passphrase-fd 0 --armor --detach-sign --textmode %?a?-u %a? %f"
+set pgp_clearsign_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --output - --passphrase-fd 0 --armor --textmode --clearsign %?a?-u %a? %f"
+set pgp_encrypt_only_command="pgpewrap gpg --batch --quiet --no-verbose --output - --encrypt --textmode --armor --always-trust --encrypt-to 0x3A219CC2  -- -r %r -- %f"
+set pgp_encrypt_sign_command="pgpewrap gpg --passphrase-fd 0 --batch --quiet --no-verbose --textmode --output - --encrypt --sign %?a?-u %a? --armor --always-trust --encrypt-to 0x3A219CC2 -- -r %r -- %f"
+set pgp_import_command="gpg --no-verbose --import -v %f"
+set pgp_export_command="gpg --no-verbose --export --armor %r"
+set pgp_verify_key_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --fingerprint --check-sigs %r"
+set pgp_list_pubring_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --with-colons --list-keys %r" 
+set pgp_list_secring_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --with-colons --list-secret-keys %r" 
+set pgp_autosign=yes
+set pgp_sign_as="0x3A219CC2"
+set pgp_replyencrypt=yes
+set pgp_timeout=1800
+set pgp_good_sign="^gpg: Good signature from"
+color body brightblack cyan "^gpg: Signature made.*"
+color body brightblack green "^gpg: Good signature from.*"
+color body brightblack yellow "^gpg: Can't check signature.*"
+color body brightblack yellow "^gpg: WARNING: .*"
+color body brightwhite red "^gpg: BAD signature from.*"
+set status_format=" %r %b %f %n      Del %d      Msgs %m %l %> (%P)"
+set pager_format="%-10.10i %[!%a %b %d %R]"
+set date_format="!%H:%M %a %d %b     "
+set index_format="%4C %Z %[%b%d] %-15.15F %s"
+set folder_format="%2C %t %8s %d %N %f"
+#set sendmail="/usr/bin/nbsmtp -d isp.net -h smtp.isp.net -f yourname@isp.net"
+#set from="default-mailaddress"         #set to your from address
+#set realname="myname"
+set record="$HOME/.maildir/sent"        #sent mail is saved here
+set delete=yes                          #delete without prompting
+set include=yes				#quote msg in reply	
+set fast_reply=yes			#no prompting on reply
+set beep=no				#no noise
+set markers=no				#no + on wrapped lines
+set confirmappend=no			#no prompt for save to =keep           
+set to_chars=" +TCF"                    #no L for mail_list
+set folder = $HOME/.maildir
+save-hook .* =keep                      #default mbox to (s)ave mail is =keep
+bind pager h display-toggle-weed	#toggle headers with h key
+bind generic	<left> previous-entry
+bind generic 	<right> next-entry
+bind pager "k" previous-line
+bind pager <up> previous-line
+bind pager "j" next-line
+bind pager <down> next-line
+bind pager  "K"     previous-entry #pressing "K", while in pager will move the cursor to the previous entry 
+bind pager  "J"     next-entry #pressing "J", while in pager will move the cursor to the next entry 
+bind pager   "<"      top
+bind pager   <home>   top
+bind pager   ">"      bottom
+bind pager   <end>    bottom
+bind pager   "{"      previous-thread
+bind pager   "}"      next-thread
+macro index "w" "<change-folder>?"           # Folder list
+macro pager "w" "<change-folder>?"           # Folder list
+# simulate the old url menu
+macro index \cb |urlview\n 'call urlview to extract URLs out of a message'
+macro pager \cb |urlview\n 'call urlview to extract URLs out of a message'
+#run fetchmail by hitting key of G
+macro index G "!fetchmail\n"
+macro pager G "!fetchmail\n"  
+#use to edit .muttrc and then source it...no restart necessary
+macro generic ,sm ":source $HOME/.muttrc\r"
+# default list of header fields to weed out when displaying mail
+#ignore them all and then unignore what you want to see
+ignore *
+unignore  Date To From: Subject X-Mailer Organization User-Agent
+hdr_order Date From To Subject X-Mailer User-Agent Organization 
+##your Mutt has to have some colors
+##these are for four levels of quoted text
+##they override the system settings in /etc/mutt/Muttrc
+#color quoted green  default
+color quoted1 magenta blue 
+#color quoted2 yellow default
+#color quoted3 red default   
+#color signature cyan cyan   
+#this color setup is copied from /etc/mutt/Muttrc.color
+#comment it out if you want the default colors in /etc/mutt/Muttrc
+# Je vois la vie en rose :-) 
+color	hdrdefault	brightcyan	blue
+color	header		brightwhite	blue "^from:"
+color   header          brightwhite    	blue   "^subject:"
+color   quoted          brightgreen     blue
+color   signature       brightwhite	blue
+color   indicator       blue	        green
+color   error           red             black
+mono    error           bold
+color   status          black cyan
+mono	status		bold
+color   tree            yellow   	blue
+color   tilde           brightmagenta   blue
+color	body	brightwhite		blue	"[-a-z_0-9.]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+"
+mono    body    bold                    "[-a-z_0-9.]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+"
+color   body            brightyellow    black   "^Good signature"
+mono    body            bold                    "^Good signature"
+color   body            brightwhite     red     "^Bad signature from.*"
+mono    body            bold                    "^Bad signature from.*"
+color   normal          white		blue
+color	message		green	black
+color	attachment	brightgreen	blue
+alias amanda Amanda Grant <amandagrant@ftml.net>
+alias matho Sonam Matho <sonam.matho@tel.tdsb.on.ca>
+alias heather Heather Johnstone <heatherjohnstone@trentu.ca>
+alias mattg Matt Glandfield <mglandfield@logonsolutions.ca>
+alias jack Jack Phelan <jack@jackphelan.net>
+alias mz Mz Li <mengzhou.li@gmail.com>
+alias k_lack k_lack <k_lack@computronic.ca>
+alias sarah Sarah Sallis <magoo_1922@hotmail.com>
+alias lauren Lauren Matheson <lauren@iscf.ca>
+alias halling Eric Halling <eric.halling@tel.tdsb.on.ca>
+alias gtobin Greg Tobin <gtobin@grenvillecc.ca>
+alias lockington John Lockington <C_aretaker@hotmail.com>
+alias andrew Andrew Patterson <andrew@avenza.com>
+alias marguerite Marguerite des Trois Maisons <des4maisons@gmail.com>
+alias chrisd Chris Davidson <jchris_2000@rogers.com>
+alias stu Stuart Cleland <go_sens_go11@hotmail.com>
+alias bennyp bennyp@rogers.com
+alias rance Mark Evans <rance@sympatico.ca>
+alias kcorbett Katherine Corbett <kcorbett@gitesting.com>
+alias judy Judy Wolever <wolfam@sympatico.ca>
+alias alexandra.jenkins Alexandra Jenkins <alexandra.jenkins@utoronto.ca>
+alias amandeep Amandeep Mand <amandeep13@rogers.com>
+alias don.cavalcade Don Spring <don.cavalcade@bellnet.ca>
+alias david.dewees David Dewees <david.dewees@sympatico.ca>
+alias sarah_ellsmore Sarah Ellsmore <sarah_ellsmore@hotmail.com>
+alias simon.davis Simon Davis <mimic_the_talking_pie@hotmail.com>
+alias nusha.protas Nusha Protas <nprotas@uoguelph.ca>
+alias thomas.wolever Tom Wolever <thomas.wolever@utoronto.ca>
+alias masha Maria Tchik <maria_tchik@mail.ru>
+alias flauge Craig <flauge4jc@hotmail.com>
+alias carl Carl Erickson <thecarl67@rogers.com>
+alias kendra Kendra Freeland <kf8_16@hotmail.com>
+alias rnouget Ruth N <rnouget@hotmail.com>
+alias atarah.grysman Atarah Grysman <agrysman@gilabs.com>
+alias george_vic_bell George Bell <george_vic_bell@hotmail.com>
+alias neil Neil Cohen <neil@LivingEducation.ca>
+alias ralph.selby Ralph Selby <ralph.selby@sympatico.ca>
+alias vivian_luong Vivian Luong <vivian_boredtodeath@hotmail.com>
+alias james.cash James Cash <james.nvc@gmail.com>
+alias genadyroizman Genady Roizman <genadyroizman@hotmail.com>
+alias omouse Rudolf O. <omouse@gmail.com>
+alias laurie_madonia Madonia, Laurie <Laurie.Madonia@tdsb.on.ca>
+alias maria_m Maria M. <maria87.m@gmail.com>
+alias kevin.kowalesky Kevin Kowalewski <couchpotato7@hotmail.com>
+alias maaz maaz mohiuddin <mailmaaz@yahoo.com>
+alias waiyee Shmello Admin <admin@shmello.net>
+alias karen.ho Karen Ho <pumpkin_forever@hotmail.com>
+alias lisa.sutherland sherikal@excite.com
+alias christopher.stumm Christopher Stumm <christopher@stumm.ca>
+alias cbjmartin Blake and Carmelina Martin <cbjmartin@sympatico.ca>
+alias kevin.imrie Kevin Imrie <kevin.imrie@utoronto.ca>
+alias a_deepika_r Aruna Deepika <a_deepika_r@hotmail.com>
+alias hannah_warder Hannah Warder <hannah_warder@hotmail.com>
+alias mackinnonjustin Justin MacKinnon <mackinnonjustin@gmail.com>
+alias karen.on Karen On <snoopy_angel38@hotmail.com>
+alias debby.selby Debbie Selby <Debbie.Selby@sunnybrook.ca>
+alias ian.esquivel Ian Esquivel <ian.esquivel@tel.tdsb.on.ca>
+alias tdresser Timothy Dresser <tdresser@gmail.com>
+alias christian Christian Kong <cjnjkong@yahoo.com>
+alias beth.corbett Beth Corbett <silverwind828@gmail.com>

File vimrc

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 let g:netrw_keepdir=0
 let g:netrw_browse_split=1
-" map ^k to nohlsearch
+" map ; to nohlsearch
+map ; :noh
+imap <c-h> <c-w>h
+imap <c-j> <c-w>j
+imap <c-k> <c-w>k
+imap <c-l> <c-w>l
+map <c-h> <c-w>h
+map <c-j> <c-w>j
+map <c-k> <c-w>k
+map <c-l> <c-w>l
 map <right> :bn<return>
 map <left> :bp<return>