pyobjc / pyobjc-core / Examples / NonFunctional / RemotePyInterpreter /

__all__ = ['ConsoleReactor']

import sys
from netrepr import NetRepr, RemoteObjectPool, RemoteObjectReference
from Foundation import *

class ConsoleReactor(NSObject):

    def init(self):
        self = super(ConsoleReactor, self).init()
        self.pool = None
        self.netReprCenter = None
        self.connection = None
        self.commands = {}
        return self

    def connectionEstablished_(self, connection):
        self.connection = connection
        self.pool = RemoteObjectPool(self.writeCode_)
        self.netReprCenter = NetRepr(self.pool)

    def connectionClosed_(self, connection):
        self.connection = None
        self.pool = None
        self.netReprCenter = None

    def writeCode_(self, code):
        self.connection.writeBytes_(repr(code) + '\n')

    def netEval_(self, s):
        return eval(s, self.pool.namespace, self.pool.namespace)

    def lineReceived_fromConnection_(self, lineReceived, connection):
        code = lineReceived.rstrip()
        if not code:
        command = map(self.netEval_, eval(code))

    def handleCommand_(self, command):
        basic = command[0]
        sel = 'handle%sCommand:' % (basic.capitalize())
        cmd = command[1:]
        if not self.respondsToSelector_(sel):
            NSLog(u'%r does not respond to %s', self, command)
            # XXX - this crashes PyObjC??
            # self.performSelector_withObject_(sel, cmd)
            getattr(self, sel.replace(':', '_'))(cmd)

    def handleRespondCommand_(self, command):
            map(self.netEval_, command[1:]),

    def sendResult_sequence_(self, rval, seq):
        nr = self.netReprCenter
        code = '__result__[%r] = %s' % (seq, nr.netrepr(rval))

    def sendException_sequence_(self, e):
        nr = self.netReprCenter
        code = 'raise ' + nr.netrepr_exception(e)
        print "forwarding:", code

    def doCallback_sequence_args_(self, callback, seq, args):
        nr = self.netReprCenter
            rval = callback(*args)
        except Exception, e:
            self.sendException_sequence_(e, seq)
            self.sendResult_sequence_(rval, seq)

    def deferCallback_sequence_value_(self, callback, seq, value):
        self.commands[seq] = callback
        self.writeCode_('pipe.respond(%r, netrepr(%s))' % (seq, value))

    def handleExpectCommand_(self, command):
        seq = command[0]
        name = command[1]
        args = command[2:]
        netrepr = self.netReprCenter.netrepr
        rval = None
        code = None
        if name == 'RemoteConsole.raw_input':
            self.doCallback_sequence_args_(raw_input, seq, args)
        elif name == 'RemoteConsole.write':
            self.doCallback_sequence_args_(sys.stdout.write, seq, args)
        elif name == 'RemoteConsole.displayhook':
            obj = args[0]
            def displayhook_respond(reprobject):
                print reprobject
            def displayhook_local(obj):
                if obj is not None:
            if isinstance(obj, RemoteObjectReference):
                self.deferCallback_sequence_value_(displayhook_respond, seq, 'repr(%s)' % (netrepr(obj),))
                self.doCallback_sequence_args_(displayhook_local, seq, args)
        elif name.startswith('RemoteFileLike.'):
            fh = getattr(sys, args[0])
            meth = getattr(fh, name[len('RemoteFileLike.'):])
            self.doCallback_sequence_args_(meth, seq, args[1:])
        elif name == 'RemoteConsole.initialize':
            self.doCallback_sequence_args_(lambda *args:None, seq, args)
            self.doCallback_sequence_args_(NSLog, seq, [u'%r does not respond to expect %r', self, command,])

    def close(self):
        if self.connection is not None:
            self.writeCode_('raise SystemExit')
        self.pool = None
        self.netReprCenter = None
        self.connection = None
        self.commands = None
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