Wolfgang Scherer avatar Wolfgang Scherer committed ef62a11

MANIFEST.in: fixed for installation from source distribution.

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 include MANIFEST.in 
-include adhoc.py argparse_local.py namespace_dict.py setup.py stringformat_local.py
+include Makefile
+include README.css
+include README.txt
+include adhoc.py
+include argparse_local.py
+include doc/Makefile
+include doc/_static/adhoc-logo-32.ico
+include doc/adhoc-logo.svg
+include doc/conf.py
+include doc/index.rst
+include doc/make.bat
+include doc/z-massage-index.sh
+include docutils.conf
+include namespace_dict.py
+include setup.py
+include stringformat_local.py
 include use_case_000_.py
 include use_case_001_templates_.py
 include use_case_002_include_.py
 include use_case_003_import_.py
 include use_case_005_nested_.py
-include Makefile README.css README.txt docutils.conf
-include doc/Makefile doc/conf.py doc/index.rst doc/make.bat
 recursive-include adhoc_test *.py
 recursive-exclude dist adhoc.py
     # @:adhoc_verbatim:@ # docutils.conf
-    # @:adhoc_include:@ Makefile, MANIFEST.in, README.css, setup.py
-    # @:adhoc_include:@ doc/conf.py, doc/make.bat, doc/Makefile, doc/z-massage-index.sh, doc/adhoc-logo.svg, doc/_static/adhoc-logo-32.ico
+    # |:info:| The following list is kept in sync with MANIFEST.in.
+    # This makes it easier to avoid discrepancies between installation
+    # from source distribution vs. installation from compiled script.
+    # @:adhoc_include:@ MANIFEST.in
+    # @:adhoc_include:@ Makefile
+    # @:adhoc_include:@ README.css
+    #                   README.txt is generated
+    #                   adhoc.py is this file
+    #                   argparse_local.py is imported
+    # @:adhoc_include:@ doc/Makefile
+    # @:adhoc_include:@ doc/_static/adhoc-logo-32.ico
+    # @:adhoc_include:@ doc/adhoc-logo.svg
+    # @:adhoc_include:@ doc/conf.py
+    #                   doc/index.rst is generated
+    # @:adhoc_include:@ doc/make.bat
+    # @:adhoc_include:@ doc/z-massage-index.sh
+    #                   docutils.conf is included above
+    #                   namespace_dict.py is imported
+    # @:adhoc_include:@ setup.py
+    #                   stringformat_local.py is imported
+    #                   use_case_00?_* is imported
+    #                   adhoc_test is imported
+    #                   dist/adhoc.py is generated
     # |:here:|
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