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Testsuite completes successfully with both Python2 and Python3 without any modifications (especially without 2to3).
webhelpers/ Py2/Py3k compatibility. requirement sgmllib3k for Python3, version 1.3ws
Initial py3k porting effort.
Mike Orr
Update documentation URL.
Mike Orr
Delete unused doc file.
Added tag 1.3 for changeset 5cc550c7424e
Release 1.3 final.
Refine Sprox workaround to check for exact exception reported.
Add SQLAlchemy tests.
Revert 82b9f9942bb (collection indexing/Sprox), see changelog 1.3b2 section.
Added tag 1.3b1 for changeset b82b9f9942bb
Bugfix in paginate collection indexing.
Switch to Pyramid doc theme. Delete old doc templates and stylesheet.
Update What's New.
Add URL generator classes to paginate. Rename Grid 'url' arg.
Delete doc file for private module that should not be documented.
Fix docstring formatting.
Mike Orr
Deprecate webhelpers.pylonslib.grid (migrate to webhelpers.html.grid). Add Pyramid suggestions to webhelpers.pylonslib.* docstrings.
Mike Orr
Fix typo in test requirements. (#60, Andrey Rahmatullin/wrar)
Mike Orr
Mike Orr
Mike Orr
Adjust date test to account for leap year.
Marcin Lulek
small doc fixes
Marcin Lulek
updated html.grid with additional functionality that makes it easy to write framework-aware classes with complicated url generation schemes
Mike Orr
Doc typo.
Mike Orr
Merge Mike's and Marius' changes.
Mike Orr
Some ``webhelpers.misc`` helpers were missing from the docs.
Marius Gedminas
Multiple typos fixed.
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