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March is a continuous integration server.

March is in pre-alpha status.




Alpha roadmap

The following are a list of goals to implement, not necessarily in order.

Command line interface

A simple command line interface that can build and test Maven projects. Prints progress information.

$ march
Building...  done.
Testing...   pass.
Packaging... done.
Verifying... pass.
Completed in 1m 28s.


Reports compile and test errors in a human readable way. May report test failures as they happen.

Simple persistence

Keeps track of projects. Persists to disk, does not stay memory resident yet.

foo$ march add
Added foo.
$ march list
foo: /path/to/foo
bar: ...
$ march run
   Building... done.

Persists state to e.g. ~/.march.json.

Virtual machines

Runs each build in a dedicated VM, possibly in the cloud. If too much overhead, may use Linux Containers (LXC).

Working space

Clones repositories to working space instead of building in place.

Persistent working space

Keeps a persistent working space. Recreates it if necessary.

Resident daemon

Stays memory resident. Command line app communicates with the daemon.

Web interface

A web client that communicates with the daemon via the same protocol as the command line client.


User management

Recent activity

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