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Magpie, the Materials-Agnostic Platform for Informatics and Exploration, is designed to simplify the use of machine learning to predict properties of materials.

How do I get Magpie?

There are currently two options for installing Magpie

Building from Source

First, download or clone a copy of this repository from BitBucket.

git clone --recursive

To build with Gradle, use the included Gradle wrapper (which will install Gradle on your system if needed):

./gradlew jar

Downloading a Precompiled Version

A complete version of Magpie that has already been compiled is available for download. Since Magpie is written entirely in Java, this version should work without modification on any system with the Java Runtime Environment installed.

How do I learn to use Magpie?

Documentation for Magpie is available on You may want to start with the tutorial.

Who can answer my questions?

Please contact any of the development team through their BitBucket accounts. If you have found an error, please open up an issue in BitBucket's issue tracker with a detailed explanation of what went wrong.