People V1.0

This is a sample project to illustrate some of the basic create, update & delete
(CRUD) operations whilst using the Nancy Web Framework and the Super Simple View Engine.

I've primarily compiled this project as part of my Nancy learning curve and thought it
may help others to learn the framework basics also. An online demo can be viewed at


  • Self-contained sample project illustrating the use of Nancy Web Framework and the Super Simple View Engine
  • Separate UI & API URL Structures
  • Use of Ajax to interface between UI and API
  • Use of ALite data access framework for data access layer
  • UI Features:
  • View All People Records
  • View Person Record
  • Add, Update & Delete Person Record


This library is designed for .NET4. and has MSSQL 2012.

Next Steps

I'll be continuing to develop this sample project to include some other key features and
improve on what I've initially put together.

  • Introduce unit testing to validate UI & API behaviour / features
  • Introduce authentication to restrict functionality / protect data


Contact me at