blueberry.mod doesn't work

Issue #9 resolved
wothke repo owner created an issue

Can you look the PlayMod if it's working correctly ? For example he can not find module ; here the firefox console adress; />

Thank you in advance


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  1. wothke reporter

    Seems the JS minifier had corrupted the code in scriptprocessor_player.min.js

    I replaced it with a (hopefully) correctly minified version and the problem should be fixed now.

  2. Gtr Gtr

    Hi, Activision Pro/Martin Walker / error: getDefaultSampleRate() must be replaced with ScriptNodePlayer.getWebAudioSampleRate() , Using firefox 120.0 (64 bits), thanks in advance; Module name av8b harrier assault.avp , thank you in advance

  3. wothke reporter

    I very recently updated playmod to use new versions of the various emulator backends as well as the respective WebAudio player. The message you are getting suggests that you are seeing some kind of mixup of old and new code. Please shift-reload the page (or enable the developer console with “Disable cache” selected in the Network tab before reloading) to make sure that the browser properly reloads all of the files.

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