Warren Postma


ExGridView by Roman Mochalev, recently a branch maintained by Warren Postma


Version of the classic DCPCrypt encryption components for Delphi ported to Delphi Unicode (Delphi 2009,2010,XE,XE2).


phatch - photo batch processing software in Python.


AnsiString version of TComPort with full support for


Alternative Internet Explorer wrapper component for Delphi


A public fork of CnPack IDE Wizards for Delphi, used as a staging area for new ideas and things Warren needed to add to CnPack to get some work done. Freely licensed by CnPack developers, and my changes are freely licensed back to CnPack, for use by them if they like any of them.


A fork of Anders Ohlsson's excellent Unicode-port-issue scanning tool. Updated so I can use it to search for code issues in legacy code. Includes its own copy of the Castalia Delphi Parser. Does not parse all Delphi syntax, especially not all the latest XE+ version syntax, nor obscure TurboPascal syntax like format-field-specifier syntax.

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