Daniele Varrazzo committed 694ad58

Detect multiline strings and error output in psql session

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         (r"[^\s]+", String.Symbol),
-re_prompt = re.compile(r'^(\S.*?)??[=\-\(][#>]')
+re_prompt = re.compile(r'^(\S.*?)??[=\-\(\$\'\"][#>]')
 re_psql_command = re.compile(r'\s*\\')
 re_end_command = re.compile(r';\s*(--.*?)?$')
 re_psql_command = re.compile(r'(\s*)(\\.+?)(\s+)$')
                         out_token = Generic.Error
                     yield (mmsg.start(1), Generic.Strong,
                     yield (mmsg.start(2), out_token,
-                elif re_charhint.match(line):
+                else:
                     yield (0, out_token, line)
-                else:
-                    yield (0, Generic.Output, line)


 (1 row)
+piro=> select (
+piro(> '
+piro'> ' || $$
+piro$> $$)
+piro-> from "
+piro"> foo";
+ERROR:  relation "
+foo" does not exist
+LINE 5: from "
+             ^
 testdb=> CREATE TABLE my_table (
 first integer not null default 0,
 second text) ; -- end of command
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