wrobell  committed 6823747

- decolint script help message was not printed due to '%' embedded, fixed
and provided better unit information for each option

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File code_part1/libdeco/bin/decolint

 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='DecoMecha {}.' \
 parser.add_argument('--setpoint', '-t', dest='setpoint', default=None,
-        type=float, help='CCR setpoint, i.e. 1.3bar')
+        type=float, help='CCR setpoint, i.e. 1.3 [bar]')
 parser.add_argument('--last_stop', '-s', dest='last_stop', default=3,
-        type=int, help='last deco stop, i.e. 3m, 6m')
+        type=int, help='last deco stop, i.e. 3, 6 [meter]')
 parser.add_argument('--gf_low', '-gl', dest='gf_low', default=30,
-        type=int, help='GF Low, i.e. 30%')
+        type=int, help='GF Low, i.e. 30 [percentage]')
 parser.add_argument('--gf_high', '-gh', dest='gf_high', default=85,
-        type=int, help='GF High, i.e. 85%')
+        type=int, help='GF High, i.e. 85 [percentage]')
 parser.add_argument('--gas_list', '-l', dest='gas_list',
     help='gas list, i.e. "28,0@0" or "28,0@0 50,0@22"')
 parser.add_argument('--pressure', '-p', dest='pressure', default=None,
-        type=int, help='atmosphere pressure in millibars, i.e. 1013 millibar')
+        type=int, help='atmosphere pressure in millibars, i.e. 1013 [millibar]')
 parser.add_argument('--altitude', '-a', dest='altitude', default=None,
-        type=int, help='set altitude, i.e. 700m')
-parser.add_argument('depth', type=int, help='dive maximum depth')
-parser.add_argument('time', type=int, help='dive time')
+        type=int, help='set altitude, i.e. 700 [meter]')
+parser.add_argument('depth', type=int, help='dive maximum depth [meter]')
+parser.add_argument('time', type=int, help='dive time [minute]')
 args = parser.parse_args()
 deco = DecoEngine()