sphinx-contrib / epydoc / doc / index.rst

:mod:`sphinxcontrib.epydoc` -- Epydoc crossreferences

This Sphinx extension cross-references API documentation generated by epydoc. It works with the standard roles of the Python domain.

The extension is available under the terms of the BSD license, see LICENSE for more information.


The extension requires Sphinx 1.1 and Python 2.6. Python 3 is supported, too. It is available in the Python Package Index:

pip install sphinx-contrib.epydoc

Alternatively, you can clone the sphinx-contrib repository from BitBucket, and install the extension directly from the repository:

hg clone
cd sphinx-contrib/epydoc
python install


Add sphinxcontrib.epydoc to the configuration value :confval:`extensions` and setup an :confval:`epydoc_mapping`:

For instance, assume this value was set to the following:

epydoc_mapping = {
   '': [r'paludis(\.|$)'],

Then the following cross-reference would link to the documentation of the :class:`paludis.PackageID` class:

This is a cross-reference to the :class:`paludis.PackageID`

The group at the end of the pattern allows to reference the top-level :mod:`paludis`, too.


Please contact the author or create an issue in the issue tracker of the sphinx-contrib repository, if you have found any bugs or miss some functionality (e.g. integration of some other issue tracker). Patches are welcome!