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This module defines a directive, youku. It takes a single, required argument, a YouKu video ID:

..  youku:: XMjgzNDM4MzQw

The referenced video will be embedded into HTML output. By default, the embedded video will be sized for 720p content. To control this, the parameters "aspect", "width", and "height" may optionally be provided:

..  youku:: XMjgzNDM4MzQw
    :width: 640
    :height: 480

..  youku:: XMjgzNDM4MzQw
    :aspect: 4:3

..  youku:: XMjgzNDM4MzQw
    :width: 100%

..  youku:: XMjgzNDM4MzQw
    :height: 200px