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    Tinkerer command line

    Automates the following blog operations:

    setup - to create a new blog
    build - to clean build blog
    post - to create a new post
    page - to create a new page

    :copyright: Copyright 2011-2013 by Vlad Riscutia and contributors (see
    :license: FreeBSD, see LICENSE file
import argparse
from datetime import datetime
import os
import shutil
import sphinx
import sys
import locale
import tinkerer
from tinkerer import draft, page, paths, post, writer

def setup(quiet=False, filename_only=False):
    Sets up a new blog in the current directory.

    if filename_only:
    elif not quiet:
        print("Your new blog is almost ready!")
        print("You just need to edit a couple of lines in %s" % (os.path.relpath(paths.conf_file), ))

def build(quiet=False, filename_only=False):
    Runs a clean Sphinx build of the blog.
    # clean build directory
    if os.path.exists(

    flags = ["sphinx-build"]
    # silence Sphinx if in quiet mode
    if quiet or filename_only:
    flags += ["-d", paths.doctree, "-b", "html", paths.root, paths.html]

    # build always prints "index.html"
    if filename_only:

    # copy some extra files to the output directory
    if os.path.exists("_copy"):
        shutil.copytree("_copy/", paths.html)

    return sphinx.main(flags)

def create_post(title, date=None, quiet=False, filename_only=False):
    Creates a new post with the given title or makes an existing file a post.
    move = os.path.exists(title)

    if move:
        new_post = post.move(title, date)
        new_post = post.create(title, date)

    if filename_only:
    elif not quiet:
        if move:
            print("Draft moved to post '%s'" % new_post.path)
            print("New post created as '%s'" % new_post.path)

def create_page(title, quiet=False, filename_only=False):
    Creates a new page with the given title or makes an existing file a page.
    move = os.path.exists(title)

    if move:
        new_page = page.move(title)
        new_page = page.create(title)

    if filename_only:
    elif not quiet:
        if move:
            print("Draft moved to page '%s'" % new_page.path)
            print("New page created as '%s'" % new_page.path)

def create_draft(title, quiet=False, filename_only=False):
    Creates a new draft with the given title or makes an existing file a draft.
    move = os.path.exists(title)

    if move:
        new_draft = draft.move(title)
        new_draft = draft.create(title)

    if filename_only:
    elif not quiet:
        if move:
            print("File moved to draft '%s'" % new_draft)
            print("New draft created as '%s'" % new_draft)

def preview_draft(draft_file, quiet=False, filename_only=False):
    Rebuilds the blog, including the given draft.
    if not os.path.exists(draft_file):
        raise Exception("Draft named '%s' does not exist" % draft_file)

    # promote draft
    preview_post = post.move(draft_file)

        # rebuild
        result = build(quiet, filename_only)
        # demote post back to draft

    return result

def main(argv=None):
    Parses command line and executes required action.
    locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
    group = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
    group.add_argument("-s", "--setup", action="store_true", help="setup a new blog")
    group.add_argument("-b", "--build", action="store_true", help="build blog")
    group.add_argument("-p", "--post", nargs=1,
            help="create a new post with the title POST (if a file named POST "
                 "exists, it is moved to a new post instead)")
    group.add_argument("--page", nargs=1,
            help="create a new page with the title PAGE (if a file named PAGE "
                 "exists, it is moved to a new page instead)")
    group.add_argument("-d", "--draft", nargs=1,
            help="creates a new draft with the title DRAFT (if a file named DRAFT "
                 "exists, it is moved to a new draft instead)")
    group.add_argument("--preview", nargs=1,
            help="rebuilds the blog, including the draft PREVIEW, without permanently "
                 "promoting the draft to a post")
    group.add_argument("-v", "--version", action="store_true", 
            help="display version information")

    parser.add_argument("--date", nargs=1,
            help="optionally specify a date as 'YYYY/mm/dd' for the post, useful when "
                 " migrating blogs; can only be used together with -p/--post")

    group = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
    group.add_argument("-q", "--quiet", action="store_true", help="quiet mode")
    group.add_argument("-f", "--filename", action="store_true",
            help="output filename only - useful to pipe Tinkerer commands")

    command = parser.parse_args(argv)

    # tinkerer should be run from the blog root unless in setup mode
    if not command.setup and not os.path.exists(paths.conf_file):
        sys.stderr.write("Tinkerer must be run from your blog root "
                "(directory containing '')\n")
        return -1
    # in setup mode it should fail if run from a blog root
    elif command.setup and os.path.exists(paths.conf_file):
        sys.stderr.write("'' already exists in current directory, "
                "choose a different directory to setup your blog.\n")
        return -1

    post_date = None
        # --date only works with --post
        if not
            sys.stderr.write("Can only use --date with -p/--post.\n")
            return -1

            post_date = datetime.strptime([0], "%Y/%m/%d")
            sys.stderr.write("Invalid post date: format should be YYYY/mm/dd\n")
            return -1

    if command.setup:
        setup(command.quiet, command.filename)
        return build(command.quiet, command.filename)
        create_post([0], post_date, command.quiet, command.filename)
        create_page([0], command.quiet, command.filename)
    elif command.draft:
        create_draft(command.draft[0], command.quiet, command.filename)
    elif command.preview:
        preview_draft(command.preview[0], command.quiet, command.filename)
    elif command.version:
        print("Tinkerer version %s" % tinkerer.__version__)

    return 0