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filestore.cabal: fix Paths_filestore
filestore.cabal: sp
Moved a chunk of code for better readability.
Version to 0.1 in filestore.cabal.
Small changes so haddock works.
Include dist/build/autogen in hs-source-dirs, so haddock can find Paths_gitit.
Use Description type synonym in type sigs for clarity.
Small changes to file headers; added gwern and sebastiaan as authors in cabal file.
Use IConnection instead of Connection in Sqlite3 module.
Switched order of arguments in smartRetrieve and searchRevisions for easier currying.
Custom Show instance for FileStoreError.
Handle errors in table creation.
Added initialize to Sqlite3 module.
Removed fsType, fsPath
Data.FileStore.Darcs: work around quirk in darcs matching
Data.FileStore.Darcs: try to fix the date ranges in darcsLog
Merged S Visser's searchRevisions and smartRetrieve changes.
Moved searchRevisions to Generics module.
Added `searchRevisions' function to backend.
Removed unused binding.
Use +1 day instead of +1 minute in history test.
Treat search patterns as fixed strings, not regexes.
Data.FileStore.Utils: use byorgey's split
Data.FileStore.Utils: doc fix
Data.FileStore.Darcs: rm errant debug statement
Removed now-unneeded diffContents function from Utils.
Export DI from Data/FileStore/Generic.hs.
Removed "sleep 1" from test suite - no longer needed.
Improved pure haskell diff function.
Rewrote diff test for clarity
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