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filestore.cabal: fix Paths_filestore Ignore-this: 7d1c28f5178dbfc61306ae4ab812572b
filestore.cabal: sp Ignore-this: bff4fce99f221dad0afc7bd7b25e07b1
Moved a chunk of code for better readability. Ignore-this: 42d4d1f4834a51ff65149a182b702138
Version to 0.1 in filestore.cabal. Ignore-this: 158caff8682a3df019af01a0a81d4634
Small changes so haddock works. Ignore-this: 75e0b95d17965ef3b22bbd8b5af73fe9
Include dist/build/autogen in hs-source-dirs, so haddock can find Paths_gitit. Ignore-this: 1df731d13a80dd9796163001d5ef9a1b
Use Description type synonym in type sigs for clarity. Ignore-this: a0fb3baa933abe1e09c4f146393c7d93
Small changes to file headers; added gwern and sebastiaan as authors in cabal file. Ignore-this: fc74b95f9fa3a344ece6aca0ee50e22
Use IConnection instead of Connection in Sqlite3 module. Ignore-this: f729431eafec8128c1eaf967600596cb This eliminates the dependency on the HDBC Sqlite3 adapter. (Though of course calling programs will need it.)
Switched order of arguments in smartRetrieve and searchRevisions for easier currying. Ignore-this: d5defd6227e436a504003e679c9f6875
Custom Show instance for FileStoreError. Ignore-this: c203b034c446ed62660623b1db208137 The derived Show instance printed the embedded string with escaped newlines, quotes, etc.
Handle errors in table creation. Ignore-this: 7882b5f23eeb1b91dc6ac7c03d8eda30
Added initialize to Sqlite3 module. Ignore-this: 4261325d5e0290b9535136082b82cb19
Removed fsType, fsPath Ignore-this: 60a48b13571e746e6a29e76d00d4698f These aren't really necessary. I included them as an ugly hack to make something work in gitit, which wasn't the right approach. Let's keep filestore lean.
Data.FileStore.Darcs: work around quirk in darcs matching Ignore-this: 652cb939290be9510e2089d5239f2bf6
Data.FileStore.Darcs: try to fix the date ranges in darcsLog Ignore-this: 9c28357991485f161c6389f4d0b2c8a0
Merged S Visser's searchRevisions and smartRetrieve changes. Ignore-this: 759ae52b7f39271087d9f4307be12bf3
Moved searchRevisions to Generics module.
Added `searchRevisions' function to backend.
Removed unused binding. Ignore-this: 3b189ba122a1a2fa4ac7796063e577d
Use +1 day instead of +1 minute in history test. Ignore-this: bbc41e8d5fd6d68d5e9e980e4c016bc6
Treat search patterns as fixed strings, not regexes. Ignore-this: de0f5935a721ed37a7ae4708e5b890d3
Data.FileStore.Utils: use byorgey's split Ignore-this: db9732739a53a8bcac30f7b9ccac73ba
Data.FileStore.Utils: doc fix Ignore-this: ed897a681814cf38706bbf093921a1e6 Make clear that runShellCommand has nothing to do with /bin/sh
Data.FileStore.Darcs: rm errant debug statement Ignore-this: 7e8362f7f60268dffb8b415b01dc3186
Removed now-unneeded diffContents function from Utils. Ignore-this: 43ca740508598bc21d8bb08cd1d7542c
Export DI from Data/FileStore/Generic.hs. Ignore-this: e45f97e1fca673bf3a0626d4b0a4cbef
Removed "sleep 1" from test suite - no longer needed. Ignore-this: 81f1b37830344f1ac147808b94b7f64c
Improved pure haskell diff function. Ignore-this: 25066743025bc36102f8a71d9e05156e + Word-based rather than line-based diff. + No dependency on external "diff". + Returns [(DI,[String])] rather than String. + Updated test suite. + Added Diff and split to cabal dependencies.
Rewrote diff test for clarity Ignore-this: 9c4bfca67dc70ea395bff078673d6d9e
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