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Added upper bound to base version, as required by HackageDB. Ignore-this: c8f9aab1ba6990a5b5d406be41c3df3d
Bump version to 0.3.1 Ignore-this: 815cab1fcaea79ac6337f64d8952ae3c
Data.FileStore.Utils: +grep flag to ignore binaries Ignore-this: a45781b82639f557226c2a451f0d5445 The -I flag is useful because if there is a binary inside the repo, then grep will say something like 'binary foo matches', which breaks our little grep parser, which is expecting something just like 'file:56:this is a matching line'. But -I will cause all the binary matches to be suppressed, fixing the issue.
Removed puntToAnyChange fallback in darcsGetRevision. Ignore-this: 543105bf7b55bf9d1ed8ed402a816565
Removed unneeded --summary option in darcsLatestRevisionId Ignore-this: e7060f3e110fad7a0a229b7ec53efcfc
Added --summary in darcsGetRevision. Ignore-this: 327fba07edaf17c084bf6e9d373dff39
Ganesh Sittampalam
remove quoting from --match=hash ... since it doesn't go through /bin/sh Ignore-this: daa43f82ad01a71284580030f19ee6a7
DarcsXml.hs: fix further partiality caused by fromJust Ignore-this: 72a2e01c7a0ad4c516016c59cefeef19
DarcsXML: fix parsing error causing performance fallback Ignore-this: 8cd44844945a081549949d4d8d4ba68c
Data.FileStore.Darcs: rm otiose code related to --max-count Ignore-this: fe31aacb9fa9783be285684da00d9b85
Darcs.hs, filestore.cabal: CPPify --max-count, for simpler code & easier debugging Ignore-this: df576fcb5bd6158fb12cab3b940a4e40
Code cleanup for 80 columns. Ignore-this: d70330ac713f961a9821b662393ed06b
Darcs.hs: cm out one --max-count call of unclear utility Ignore-this: d2216252aaea465cadf3170f7e4450d6
Minor reformatting of if/then. Ignore-this: 6434e41b84cea6f0b30aa8128139515e
hlint Tests.lhs Ignore-this: 9240c80d236617f8be5a2cfc0b47c5f1
mv grep-based repo searching over to util.hs Ignore-this: d2880d5046c13e3888edcfa0fc13f862
Darcs.hs: factor out some commonality Ignore-this: 356d7e118b4e5493e19106783e3ddffe
filestore.cabal: include darcsxml Ignore-this: 5eeb3b3b710eae9ec80935889ac0a157
split all the XML gunk out to its own file; makes things clearer Ignore-this: 9aea3f6be0a81024d103ffe7670f5afd
Darcs.hs: +max-count support to darcsGetRevision Ignore-this: ef12ace4bf613c7a48744d461c9c29e8
Darcs.hs, Git.hs, Utils.hs: factor out common sanitychecking/bytestring IO Ignore-this: d9514c86c4372b81c9c227f28ae83bd9
Darcs.hs: update api calls Ignore-this: 3bdaa46217ffe42be52be867e83f18cf
Generic.hs: +hlint suggestions Ignore-this: a1fe8f3b0cd26a175ee14fcb042e94b7
Git.hs: +hlint suggestions Ignore-this: e8d4074be651e4c0bf4a5147696281b3
Utils.hs: +hlint suggestion Ignore-this: 6a6992230a525ce07292ab558043da2c
Darcs.hs: rm dupe search functions Ignore-this: e72745301f7afb01ad9aced265e5f2ae
shift darcs.hs utility functions to util.hs Ignore-this: ca092d702cceac1361a368a281a765b5
Darcs: faster for darcs to match on hash than for us Ignore-this: 58e6c38c3a86cd157793eb8f783c70d2
Data.FileStore.Darcs: fix --max-count option call Ignore-this: ce769b643a532b69d7ac18cf9dbcbf3d
Use --max-count=1 if possible in darcsLatestRevId Ignore-this: b068efb8300797ffbccb5e2d548bc449 Without --max-count=1, we have to retrieve and parse the whole repo history just to get the ID of the latest change touching a file. This is incredibly inefficient. Unfortunately, --max-count=1 is currently a darcs darcs feature only. So we provide a fallback: if 'darcs changes --max-count=1' fails, we run 'darcs changes' again without --max-count=1.
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