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Added upper bound to base version, as required by HackageDB.
Bump version to 0.3.1
Data.FileStore.Utils: +grep flag to ignore binaries
Removed puntToAnyChange fallback in darcsGetRevision.
Removed unneeded --summary option in darcsLatestRevisionId
Added --summary in darcsGetRevision.
Ganesh Sittampalam
remove quoting from --match=hash ... since it doesn't go through /bin/sh
DarcsXml.hs: fix further partiality caused by fromJust
DarcsXML: fix parsing error causing performance fallback
Data.FileStore.Darcs: rm otiose code related to --max-count
Darcs.hs, filestore.cabal: CPPify --max-count, for simpler code & easier debugging
Code cleanup for 80 columns.
Darcs.hs: cm out one --max-count call of unclear utility
Minor reformatting of if/then.
hlint Tests.lhs
mv grep-based repo searching over to util.hs
Darcs.hs: factor out some commonality
filestore.cabal: include darcsxml
split all the XML gunk out to its own file; makes things clearer
Darcs.hs: +max-count support to darcsGetRevision
Darcs.hs, Git.hs, Utils.hs: factor out common sanitychecking/bytestring IO
Darcs.hs: update api calls
Generic.hs: +hlint suggestions
Git.hs: +hlint suggestions
Utils.hs: +hlint suggestion
Darcs.hs: rm dupe search functions
shift darcs.hs utility functions to util.hs
Darcs: faster for darcs to match on hash than for us
Data.FileStore.Darcs: fix --max-count option call
Use --max-count=1 if possible in darcsLatestRevId
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