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Use throwIO instead of plain error in git search.
Added NoMaxCount error.
Set explicit default for maxcount
hlint suggestions
Utils.hs: partial hlint
Sqlite3.hs: ditto
Git.hs: consolidate imports
Tests.lhs: consolidate imports
filestore.cabal: rm unnecessary default (already defaults to True)
Darcs.hs: hide import unless needed, for -Wall
Darcs.hs: rm redundant do
Made maxcount the default.
Have withVerifyDir return NotFound when that is the problem.
Use with VerifyDir on directory as well as index.
Removed unneeded import
in repo init, only throw RepoExists error if it *really* exists, and catch permission or other errors if that's the problem
make index throw error if dir not present or insufficient permissions, and add test to check error is thrown
better error for search match helper
Added bug report to TODO.
TAG 0.3.1
Added upper bound to base version, as required by HackageDB.
Bump version to 0.3.1
Data.FileStore.Utils: +grep flag to ignore binaries
Removed puntToAnyChange fallback in darcsGetRevision.
Removed unneeded --summary option in darcsLatestRevisionId
Added --summary in darcsGetRevision.
Ganesh Sittampalam
remove quoting from --match=hash ... since it doesn't go through /bin/sh
DarcsXml.hs: fix further partiality caused by fromJust
DarcsXML: fix parsing error causing performance fallback
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