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Updated CHANGES Ignore-this: 9f4c136c168d967f95fbb6d8ffdb535d
Version bump to Ignore-this: b3911f3ab92052a872af23a1d1cdf122
Convert pathname to UTF-8 in withVerifyDir. Ignore-this: e0a1852d23060e196a710dc089737bbd
TAG 0.3.2 Ignore-this: c1338a054b455cd346770ba59687f3c8
Use throwIO instead of plain error in git search. Ignore-this: 4aa1799b006e3e4c75a9b78fa4cb4f90
Added NoMaxCount error. Ignore-this: f7fb0364554dfcb12b96d6e4f29c3945
Set explicit default for maxcount Ignore-this: a0f38239819500169982ed90217ab6c2
hlint suggestions Ignore-this: 35d2d87c4b31e8e1d75e20f0f925b1e1
Utils.hs: partial hlint Ignore-this: 3f6aedb08d5dc1dba8efca51b280047f
Sqlite3.hs: ditto Ignore-this: 20b8bbff3497d360492bfc2ba32dfc45
Git.hs: consolidate imports Ignore-this: 419e46e4864961a8f41cbe9495fd2bbd
Tests.lhs: consolidate imports Ignore-this: 761da312aca8fe68ca857ba7911b4e80
filestore.cabal: rm unnecessary default (already defaults to True) Ignore-this: fd4c9b7baf93723dbb7faec692f1320
Darcs.hs: hide import unless needed, for -Wall Ignore-this: ca3c4f49fc2b4f6e5a57d681b6db4078
Darcs.hs: rm redundant do Ignore-this: 2d918f389c8411fe8b0577ffd71305a4
Updated CHANGES Ignore-this: 12889ff6ab725b60fe0644a93bc20633
Made maxcount the default. Ignore-this: 3a8562730918ce48ea5ecf55813dc85d Print an informative error message if compiled with maxcount but darcs does not support it.
Have withVerifyDir return NotFound when that is the problem. Ignore-this: 63fdcd28b21d303b8c212c48b6d18089
Use with VerifyDir on directory as well as index. Ignore-this: d37cb094da9af787601ebe4356b05182
Removed unneeded import Ignore-this: 469853144bd2b2cf737271a8cdeb368
in repo init, only throw RepoExists error if it *really* exists, and catch permission or other errors if that's the problem Ignore-this: 55af020fbda182409c679d539e67d2e6
make index throw error if dir not present or insufficient permissions, and add test to check error is thrown Ignore-this: d5519a6590d441cb4b75beba2b23dcc6
better error for search match helper Ignore-this: 5e284fd54bf957afb2f741e8578e3fab
Added bug report to TODO. Ignore-this: 8b734bb4116451886fc2d78e68208e6c
TAG 0.3.1 Ignore-this: ff924a918e53231891bf236f66a9834
Added upper bound to base version, as required by HackageDB. Ignore-this: c8f9aab1ba6990a5b5d406be41c3df3d
Bump version to 0.3.1 Ignore-this: 815cab1fcaea79ac6337f64d8952ae3c
Data.FileStore.Utils: +grep flag to ignore binaries Ignore-this: a45781b82639f557226c2a451f0d5445 The -I flag is useful because if there is a binary inside the repo, then grep will say something like 'binary foo matches', which breaks our little grep parser, which is expecting something just like 'file:56:this is a matching line'. But -I will cause all the binary matches to be suppressed, fixing the issue.
Removed puntToAnyChange fallback in darcsGetRevision. Ignore-this: 543105bf7b55bf9d1ed8ed402a816565
Removed unneeded --summary option in darcsLatestRevisionId Ignore-this: e7060f3e110fad7a0a229b7ec53efcfc
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