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Bump version to and update CHANGES. Ignore-this: 4bab1dafe87c6ef5b7363c94021740ce
Revert to old runShellCommand. Ignore-this: af5beeef7a635d23e05a3b8a8a208451 rolling back: Tue Aug 3 12:23:53 PDT 2010 * New version of runShellCommand that doesn't require temp files. M ./Data/FileStore/Utils.hs -13 +9 Tue Aug 3 12:27:09 PDT 2010 tagged This patch introduced lazy-IO related problems with big files.
TAG Ignore-this: 267f054c79913cf59c6d9fe83e6c68ba
Updated CHANGES Ignore-this: 1765e47724d1d5e59757af14b7035fe9
New version of runShellCommand that doesn't require temp files. Ignore-this: db3b8931c316872a156a96adcaaf9da5
Version bump to Ignore-this: 7e95dbc99929276a97b29173c89721e8
Use -fno-warn-unused-do-bind in ghc >= 6.12 Ignore-this: a65499f2c33459820641a1b852197349
Removed unused import. Ignore-this: b282ce5a151153989258daccf96146ca
gitInit: set up repo to allow push to master branch. Ignore-this: 4f35f2b4e83ab1c28a09ab1888efe78c This is needed for recent versions of git, which don't allow a push to the master branch. Resolves Issue #104.
Fixed spacing Ignore-this: 39c9655fffb07914bca43762534092e9
TAG Ignore-this: 4a6582399ae74bb0851113ee9e054016
Version bump to Ignore-this: 97916ae4c52bbc1006a5595dbfbc8c98
Updated CHANGES Ignore-this: 7013e24da80932be1ab7a803ff7dd73e
Rewrote splitEmailAuthor with list fns not regexes. Ignore-this: 77de70ca582c93763b5e1a2a0cacff5d Also remove regex-posix from cabal build-depends. Suggested by Thomas Hartman.
correct error message for richDirectory Ignore-this: fa555749f27a7f5bd1eef9575fe4e089
Improved git search Ignore-this: 870b37af65f0d1a3c5c99b4af653ea39 * Previously git search would fail in some cases, with an error in parseMatchLine (for example, with unicode search term). * We replaced the regex with a simpler match-line parser using Preface functions. * We also now use --null to force a NUL separator in git grep. * The test case that previously failed now passes.
TAG 0.3.4 Ignore-this: 6a71f3f926aadf83b938df5d3b7618b4
Changed version to 0.3.4 - changes only require minor bump. Ignore-this: bcd45c241b9dc9877f9e764a318a303a
Version bump to 0.4 Ignore-this: 5ae8bb5c012fe1a39a25573f9f617992
mercurial: return NotFound on 'latest' if file was deleted form repo Ignore-this: 53eb7dbf91fe72310131805db9fc32d0
Added test case for creating a resource with same name as deleted resource. Ignore-this: 601e4a86d25ac73f3907032d7ac06d93
Updated CHANGES. Ignore-this: 3a5382c10e3f331585f548ba29a8db4e
Updated cabal description to include Mercurial module. Ignore-this: 201aab70b4d39c823294603d6edb7d64
Use -z for 'git whatchanged'. Ignore-this: bd1dbbc02984dc3667e675bdc47e3ecd This allows us to remove the kludgy 'convertEncoded' function, which parsed encoded filenames.
Made mercurialRetrieve fail on directory argument. Ignore-this: ff14dde54cf35e4a46f7951a325de1f3 Getting this to work with mercurial 1.1 required rearranging the arguments to 'hg locate' so that the exclusions came before the 'path:' part.
Use -z with git ls-tree. Ignore-this: e64a6b3c1b6a9435cc1e5b95d7b18e59 This resolves Issue #77. When 'git ls-tree' is used with -z, it prints regular UTF8 instead of octal encoding it. So we can avoid the problem we were having with filenames like Fooé/Bar.
Added test case for nonascii directory name Ignore-this: 4696c5a4b379cdc46926b2500d40039d
gitLatestRevId - added check to make sure resource hasn't been removed. Ignore-this: 3bd455e2fe987c4155bcf87710b0318f Without this, you get a ResourceExists error when creating a file that has been previously deleted from the repo. Possibly corresponding changes need to be made to darcs and mercurial modules.
Fixed nonascii filename test case Ignore-this: a2d1dc889f5b75396f5fd28a2c10eea4
Added Mercurial module and associated tests. Ignore-this: 8a3aff3aa6985b815b217f364d76915 Thanks to John Lenz for the patch.
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