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Version bump to Ignore-this: 9a862f11542a67c0e3441665c6c34cdc
Switch to using strict bytestring to read captured output in runShellCommand. Ignore-this: 4593a64e0e45560c68b57a5e1fa95748
Félix Lequen
Darcs didn't retrieve old revisions of file who currently do not exist Ignore-this: 1297dcfde17752c95aec53ba77c07436
Added test for retrieving deleted file Ignore-this: e654e2eca96501b4178ceec616e942f3
TAG Ignore-this: cb75f77bfeed7c3f799e49d0d6ff50ed
Version bump to Ignore-this: b5510025d9889ad81974cdc9c5e2fb40
Increased upper bound for time package. Ignore-this: a4a3c415f172fdfdd64aed8a9bad0ad
Changed isInsideDir so it doesn't use canonicalizePath. Ignore-this: 5a908fbc8b1c2835f84a0a5310a0009c In directory- (ghc7), canonicalizePath was changed so that it fails if the directory does not exist. We need this test not to presuppose that the directory exists. So instead, we do a simple prefix comparison, returning False if either the filename or the directory name contains '..'.
Utils: Don't export isInsideDir. Ignore-this: 69a6b1f82d7c2a3a7ad12abacd35fcaf
Bump version to Ignore-this: f6b9e96eecab42b122b9e6a464743f47
Relaxed filepath constraints. Ignore-this: 105e0e202fe62e3acd6f062b8aa0a04d
Relaxed package bounds for ghc 7. Ignore-this: dad9b88a895f1f39abbecf2aa95eb2e9
TAG Ignore-this: 6678997ed7dc71c8466bd211d5081957
Bump version to Ignore-this: e6523da0b75a18a28ab2aa8534249a53
TAG 0.4 Ignore-this: 513d4c018592619405a8113ecf9276da
Added explicit upper bounds to build-depends. Ignore-this: 4c373f283406013461cc84362d4cc694
TAG 0.4 Ignore-this: 55fd78b55fd3b07792edacc1ed903cc5
Allow linking with parsec 3. Ignore-this: ea0b41100763e1149c230541b7eb5fa4
Bump version to 0.4. Ignore-this: fe285093e246122bf5643e89bdf0a4b3
Removed dependency on datetime package. Ignore-this: d44e33551cf9201ac015eef598d80826 datetime depends on base < 4, and is not compatible with ghc 7. It is relatively simple to do the same things using the standard time package.
DarcsXml: quick bandage around Filestore crash on file-moves Ignore-this: e2c14cdf298e7804088262176528cf79
Types.hs: document usage of history better Ignore-this: 3d00edf4f517af8c42ccf3c5c2a2e3f9
TAG Ignore-this: af26cd84766e157c8c5b2cd9fd8d1f8b
Bump version to and update CHANGES. Ignore-this: 4bab1dafe87c6ef5b7363c94021740ce
Revert to old runShellCommand. Ignore-this: af5beeef7a635d23e05a3b8a8a208451 rolling back: Tue Aug 3 12:23:53 PDT 2010 * New version of runShellCommand that doesn't require temp files. M ./Data/FileStore/Utils.hs -13 +9 Tue Aug 3 12:27:09 PDT 2010 tagged This patch introduced lazy-IO related problems with big files.
TAG Ignore-this: 267f054c79913cf59c6d9fe83e6c68ba
Updated CHANGES Ignore-this: 1765e47724d1d5e59757af14b7035fe9
New version of runShellCommand that doesn't require temp files. Ignore-this: db3b8931c316872a156a96adcaaf9da5
Version bump to Ignore-this: 7e95dbc99929276a97b29173c89721e8
Use -fno-warn-unused-do-bind in ghc >= 6.12 Ignore-this: a65499f2c33459820641a1b852197349
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