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Add note to the readme about sendmail and msmtp

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 port 3000.  I then run [nginx]( with SSL on port 443, and have nginx reverse proxy
 to notmuch-web.
-### SSL
+#### SSL
 Currently, notmuch-web does not implement SSL (although since Yesod/Warp supports SSL we could
 support it without too much work so it is on the TODO list).  Therefore, you will want to
 reverse-proxy notmuch-web.  I use [nginx](
+#### Sending
+When you send a message, notmuch-web sends it using the executable "sendmail" located in PATH.  If
+you are not running your own email server, I suggest [msmtp](  I use
+msmtp on my laptop, it works great.  Just make sure the user you run notmuch-web has the correct
+msmtp configuration setup.