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+2013-06-05  John Lenz  <>
+    Release v0.1.1
+    * Layout changes to make the website workable on very small screens (my
+      phone).
+    * Display text/html alternatives of messages, but at the moment only
+      allow through div, p, br, and blockquote and ignore all other tags.
+      This is primarily targeted at messages from gmail which send flowed
+      mail with a text/html alternative.  I am considering allowing more html
+      through, perhaps via a setting or something.
+    * Parse text messages as markdown and display the original message in one
+      tab and the resulting html from markdown in another tab.  By default,
+      the original message text is displayed but on small screens like my
+      phone it is nice to switch to the tab with the html from markdown since
+      it wraps on the small screen.
+    * Generate Message-IDs for sent messages.  The domain is by default
+      looked up using gethostname(2) but there is a setting to override it.
+    * Various other minor bug fixes and changes.
+2013-03-07  John Lenz  <>
+    Release v0.1.0.1 with a fix to compile with GHC 7.4
+2013-03-02  John Lenz  <>
+    Initial release v0.1.0
 server and uses [bootstrap]( and [jquery](
 for the UI.  The current features are
-* Search messages -
-  [search screenshot]( and
-  [pager screenshot](
+* Search messages - [search
+  screenshot]( and [pager
+  screenshot](
     * link default searches from the navigation bar
     * view results in a table, with customizable buttons for retagging each thread
     * view results in a pager, which shows the thread content together with a navigation bar with
     * a visible tree structure and the ability to collapse individual messages
     * download attachments from messages
     * customizable tagging buttons on each message
+    * On small screens (under 700 pixels width like phones), parse text messages as markdown and
+      display the original text message together with the resulting markdown HTML.  This allows the
+      message to be flowed to fit the small screen, but still allows one to view the original
+      message.  On larger screens, the original message is displayed by default but the markdown
+      HTML is available in a tab.
 * Compose email
     * sending with attachments
     * supports reply and reply all