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Hamish Downer
created an issue

Installed it and it worked fine, until I wanted to view the contents of a message, and then nothing happened. I can see the message contents in the HTML source, so it appears to be a javascript issue. The firefox console reports the following error whenever I click on a message:

TypeError: this.$element[dimension] is not a function (bootstrap.js:19)

And this error is also reported at some point:

Empty string passed to getElementById(). (jquery.js:13)

I'm using the Debian build of 0.2.0 - I did try to build from source to confirm the latest, but the build instructions didn't work for me, and I've never used Haskell before so I've stopped for now.

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  1. David Bremner

    I can confirm this problem. I'm also testing with the Debian build of 0.2.0, although I did just rebuild it from scratch. It seems like any message without the unread tag is displayed closed and clicking does not open it.

    I tested in conkeror and iceweasel, both running under iceweasel 30, and in chromium 35.0.1916.153

    For what it's worth, the other actions seem to work on messages without tag unread, including archive and reply.

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