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Issue #28 resolved
nomeata created an issue

The testsuite fails currently:

Linking dist-ghc/build/test/test ...
touch build-ghc-stamp
debian/hlibrary.setup test --builddir=dist-ghc
Running 1 test suites...
Test suite test: RUNNING...

Basic home page tests
  - main page redirects to the login page FAILED [1]

Parsing email addresses
  - empty address
  - single address
  - multiple addresses
  - name and address
  - name in quotes
  - name in quotes with comma
  - quotes and commas

1) Basic home page tests main page redirects to the login page
Expected status was 303 but received status was 302

Randomized with seed 4611685480222689510

Finished in 0.0030 seconds
8 examples, 1 failure
Test suite test: FAIL
Test suite logged to: dist-ghc/test/notmuch-web-0.2.0-test.log
0 of 1 test suites (0 of 1 test cases) passed.

This is with these packages:

Flags chosen: no-icu=False, library-only=False, dev=False
Dependency HUnit -any: using HUnit-
Dependency aeson -any: using aeson-
Dependency attoparsec -any: using attoparsec-
Dependency attoparsec-conduit -any: using attoparsec-conduit-
Dependency base ==4.*: using base-
Dependency blaze-builder -any: using blaze-builder-
Dependency blaze-html -any: using blaze-html-
Dependency blaze-markup -any: using blaze-markup-
Dependency bytestring -any: using bytestring-
Dependency case-insensitive -any: using case-insensitive-
Dependency conduit -any: using conduit-1.0.13
Dependency containers -any: using containers-
Dependency data-default -any: using data-default-0.5.1
Dependency directory -any: using directory-
Dependency email-validate -any: using email-validate-1.0.0
Dependency filepath -any: using filepath-
Dependency hamlet -any: using hamlet-
Dependency hashable <= || > using hashable-
Dependency hjsmin -any: using hjsmin-
Dependency hspec -any: using hspec-
Dependency http-conduit -any: using http-conduit-
Dependency http-types -any: using http-types-0.8.3
Dependency lifted-base -any: using lifted-base-
Dependency markdown >=0.1.5: using markdown-0.1.7
Dependency mime-mail -any: using mime-mail-
Dependency network -any: using network-
Dependency notmuch-web -any: using notmuch-web-0.2.0
Dependency old-locale -any: using old-locale-
Dependency process -any: using process-
Dependency process-conduit >=0.5: using process-conduit-
Dependency pwstore-fast -any: using pwstore-fast-2.4.1
Dependency random -any: using random-
Dependency tagsoup -any: using tagsoup-0.13
Dependency template-haskell -any: using template-haskell-
Dependency text -any: using text-
Dependency text-icu -any: using text-icu-
Dependency time -any: using time-
Dependency transformers -any: using transformers-
Dependency unordered-containers -any: using unordered-containers-
Dependency vector -any: using vector-
Dependency wai -any: using wai-2.0.0
Dependency wai-extra -any: using wai-extra-
Dependency warp -any: using warp-
Dependency xss-sanitize >=0.3.4: using xss-sanitize-0.3.4
Dependency yaml -any: using yaml-
Dependency yesod >=1.2.2 && <1.3: using yesod-1.2.4
Dependency yesod-auth -any: using yesod-auth-
Dependency yesod-core -any: using yesod-core-
Dependency yesod-static >=1.2.1 && <1.3: using yesod-static-
Dependency yesod-test -any: using yesod-test-1.2.0

You probably need a fix similar to http://hdiff.luite.com/cgit/yesod-auth-account/diff/tests/BasicTests.hs?id=e6a08f0050d5984341617d58cfb7a380af28b180

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