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2013-12-01  John Lenz  <>

    Release v0.2.0

    * Third-party javascript is now unminified in the source repository.
    These javascript files are now minified and compressed at compile time.
    To do the minification, at compile time the path is checked for uglifyjs,
    yui compressor, and closure.  If none are found, a simple javascript
    minifier is used.

    * Static resources (third-party javascript, CSS, images) are now embedded
    directly into the compiled executable (as ELF sections).  During runtime,
    these resources are served directly from the memory-mapped ELF sections.
    Therefore, when updating, the static directory is no longer used and
    can be removed.

    * Multiple sendmail scripts can now be configured and the compose form now
    lets you choose which one to use.  This is primarly intended for creating
    GPG signatures.  I plan on improving GPG support at some point in the

2013-08-17  John Lenz  <>

    Release v0.1.2.1

    Include a few files in the haskell tarball that were missing

2013-07-01  John Lenz  <>

    Release v0.1.2

    * Add support for multiple from addresses during compose.  Configure the
      from addresses in settings.yml.

    * Add optional address book for the compose form.  The addresses can
      either come from abook on the server or from Google Contacts.  The source
      of addresses is selected on the compose screen.  Abook requires no setup,
      but Google Contacts support requires some settings in settings.yml.  See
      the comments in settings.yml for the requirements.

    * When composing a message, you can now select the format for the body.
      The options are
          * No formatting, no encoding, text/plain part
          * Encoded using quoted-printable in a text/plain part
          * Send two alternatives, a text/plain part encoded using quoted
            printable and an html/part built by interpreting the body as
            markdown.  There is a button to preview the generated HTML.

    * Make the website functional when javascript is disabled.

    * Various other minor bug fixes and changes.

2013-06-05  John Lenz  <>

    Release v0.1.1

    * Layout changes to make the website workable on very small screens (my

    * Display text/html alternatives of messages, but at the moment only
      allow through div, p, br, and blockquote and ignore all other tags.
      This is primarily targeted at messages from gmail which send flowed
      mail with a text/html alternative.  I am considering allowing more html
      through, perhaps via a setting or something.

    * Parse text messages as markdown and display the original message in one
      tab and the resulting html from markdown in another tab.  By default,
      the original message text is displayed but on small screens like my
      phone it is nice to switch to the tab with the html from markdown since
      it wraps on the small screen.

    * Generate Message-IDs for sent messages.  The domain is by default
      looked up using gethostname(2) but there is a setting to override it.

    * Various other minor bug fixes and changes.

2013-03-07  John Lenz  <>

    Release v0.1.0.1 with a fix to compile with GHC 7.4

2013-03-02  John Lenz  <>

    Initial release v0.1.0