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+This package provides a [Yesod]( authentication plugin for accounts. Each
+account consists of an username, email, and password.  When initially creating an account, the email
+is verified by sending a link in an email.  The plugin also supports password reset via email.
+The plugin provides default pages implementing all of this functionality, but it has been designed
+to allow all the pages (new account page, password reset, etc.) to be customized or for the forms to
+be embedded into your own pages allowing you to just ignore the routes inside the plugin.  The
+details are contained in the [haddock
+The plugin supports any form data storage by requiring you to implement a couple of interfaces for
+data access.  The plugin has instances of these interfaces using persistent, but you can create your
+own implementation if you are not using persistent or want more control over user data access and
+A complete working example using persistent is
+[example.hs](/wuzzeb/yesod-auth-account/src/tip/example.hs).  Also, see the
+[haddock documentation](

File yesod-auth-account.cabal

                    email, and password.  The plugin provides new account, email verification,
                    and password reset pages that can be customized to enhance the user experience.
-extra-source-files: example.hs
+extra-source-files: example.hs,
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