Graphical interface to the Microsoft ILMerge utility. Makes it merging multiple .NET assemblies easy and hassle-free.

The ILMerge team has no direct relations to this project. So please if you have a question related to ILMerge itself,
ask them. And if you have a question about this GUI, just post an issue or open a discussion.

The official ILMerge site.

ILMerge installer download.

ILMergeGUI installer.

If you've encountered problems, leave a (detailed) issue in the Issue Tracker.

The portable version and click-once installer will follow soon.


New ILMerge-GUI version 2.0.9 available!


  • Added Exit Code.
  • Suppress message boxes when /close is detected.
  • Changed AppName property (uses Application.ProductName) as after merging the portable version, 'mru' instead of ILMergeGUI is returned. Mru is a assembly merged into the portable version.
  • This might be a bug in ILMerge itself.
  • [8754] Added /close.
  • [8753] Added fix up for .net 4.6 (like .net 4.5 fix up).
  • [8752] False positives seem fixed (rechecked executable at
  • Updated copyright.
  • Updated command line help.
  • Added current directory as ILMerge location strategy.
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Previous changelog

  • Added automatic creation of output directory.
  • Added default<T> return to GetProperty if invoked value was null.
  • Added generated command-line examples.
  • Error message when merge tool does not support selected framework.
  • Updated the portable version to show a message when the project file specified on the command line is missing.
  • Added support for IlRepack (workitem 8746).
  • Changed behavior of save menu item.
  • Added support for .Net 4.5
  • Cleaned code.
  • Added menu item for manual check of Click-Once updates.
  • Added menu item to visit website.
  • Changed frequency and timing of automated Click-Once update checks.
  • Added Offline/Portable version.
  • Added command line option ( [ /Merge ] [ /? ] <ilproj filename> )
  • Added new switches to ilproject file.
  • Register file type (and the verbs 'open' and 'merge') for command line usage. For successful registration, ilmergegui has to be run elevated once on systems with UAC enabled.
  • Fixed work item 8741.
  • Added Internalize support.
  • Added support for merging Xml Documentation.
  • Added version number to main form (should be 2.0.4 for this release).
  • Updated click-once installer.
  • Fixed merging assemblies into a dll.
  • Rewrote in C#
  • Added Drag&Drop Support (files and directories)
  • Search for .NET Frameworks
  • Search for ILMerge.exe
  • x64 support
  • .NET 4.0 support
  • Save and loading of project settings
  • Automatic suggestion of primary assembly
  • Bug fixes
  • Command line support (filename and /merge switch)
  • Relation to the ILMerge tool