Project Description

This application lets you download multiple Picasa web albums of a selected Picasa user with only a few clicks and without Picasa being installed.

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PicasaDownloader installers.

Quick Manual

  • Start PicasaDownloaded,
  • Enter the Picasa Username,
  • Hit the List button,
  • Select albums to download,
  • Hit Download,
  • Take some Coffee!


Some hidden gems

  • Right-Click an album for an album preview. This preview can be stored on disk and contains direct links to the thumbnails.
  • Ctrl-Click the download button to download at images at the maximum resolution.
  • Left-Click the album count (bottom right) to open a download directory.
  • Right-Click the album count (bottom right) to select a download directory.
  • PicasaDownloader can access more then 10k albums of a single user.
  • Paste or drop a link of a shared album containing an authkey in the userid edit box.



Download location (Click-Once).

Other downloads installers.


I'm NOT a big fan of forking and specifically creating repository copies at GitHub (as the sources end-up all over the place and in various states of decay). So please do not fork. If you want to contribute, please post or mail changes for review.

Latest release

  • Set version to v1.0.25.
  • Corrected install location.
  • Fixed preview for shared albums.
  • Fixed one more DateTime typecast.
  • Disabled debug output.
  • Corrected install location Swiss.
  • Changes PicasaEntry and PicasaAlbumEntry to a class.
  • Added support for shared albums where the url contains a authkey query parameter.
  • These url's can be pasted (or dropped) in the userid edit field.
  • The supported format is:
  • where the authuser and feat parameters are ignored.

Previous releases

Some reviews (after being added to Softpedia, people started to find PicasaDownloader)