** Medline RDF tools **

This package contains one program, called medline, that you can use
to convert the medline XML files into RDF.

First install Go (http://golang.org/), the most recent release version
will do.

Next make sure you have raptor installed (http://librdf.org/raptor)

Then simply do,

     goinstall -clean -u bitbucket.org/ww/medline

This will install the medline program for you.

To run it, you can give it one of the medline zip files on the command
line, and you can tell it what output serialisation to use. Unless you
have a machine with enormous amounts of RAM, stick with the default,
nquads, it is a streaming serialiser.

For example, you can run it like this to put the triples into a file on the

    medline medline11n0600.xml.zip | bzip2 -9c - > medline11n0653.nt.bz2

Or you could put it directly into a triplestore like 4store,

   medline medline11n0600.xml.zip | 4s-import -f nquads -m default: -