Not Crippled Python for Android

This package adds some bits to the ASE (Android Scripting
Environment) that makes it behave a bit more like a normal
Unix python. A modified setuptools is included which 
bundles the absent distutils. It also installs site.py and
unittest.py that are missing and usually come with python

It can also install rdflib and fuxi. The versions of rdflib
and fuxi are the pure python ones from the experimental 
branch documented at

It requires ASE and their Python interpreter to be installed.

To use, you need the Android SDK, and an emulator or real
phone running. To install from source, try::

	adb push ncpy /mnt/sdcard/ncpy

And then do::

	adb shell

to get a shell.

To set up the environment (a little like virtualenv) do::

	# . /mnt/sdcard/ncpy/bin/shenv

To compile and install the modules::

	# sh /mnt/sdcard/ncpy/bin/install
	# sh /mnt/sdcard/ncpy/bin/install_fuxi

To run python with the correct environment (after the 
. shenv step above) you just run::


You can run a simple test of FuXi by doing::

	# $PYTHON /mnt/sdcard/ncpy/test/test_fuxi.py