The Atlassian User Interface library.


  • Java 1.7 - for building the soy templates.
  • Node 0.10
  • NPM


NPM install takes care of everything for you.

npm install

To avoid issues between different versions of build tools such as bower or gulp, we use local npm versions of all build tools instead of globally installed versions. For example, we use

./node_modules/.bin/gulp build

instead of

gulp build


To build the distribution:

./node_modules/.bin/gulp build

Running tests

We use Karma for running our unit tests.

To run tests once:

./node_modules/.bin/gulp test

To run tests in watch mode:

./node_modules/.bin/karma start

To run tests over the built distribution instead of the source files:

./node_modules/.bin/gulp test:flatpack

To test with a specific version of jquery, run:

./node_modules/.bin/bower install jquery#[jquery-version]

before running tests. jQuery 1.7.2 and 1.8.3 are supported.

Linting && Coding Style Checks

AUI uses its own subset of the JSHint and JSCS rules. To run both of these:

./node_modules/.bin/gulp lint

How do you get it?

AUI distributions are released to the aui-dist repo on Bitbucket.

Additional documentation

Raising issues

Raise bugs or feature requests in the AUI project.


Contributions to AUI are via pull request.

  • Create an issue in the AUI project. Creating an issue is a good place to talk the AUI team about whether anyone else is working on the same issue, what the best fix is, and if this is a new feature, whether it belongs in AUI. If you don't create an issue, we'll ask you to create one when you issue the PR and retag your commits with the issue key.
  • If you have write access to the AUI repo (ie if you work at Atlassian), you can create branches in the main AUI repo - name your branch as {issue-key}-{description}, eg AUI-1337-fix-the-contributor-guide. If you don't have write access, please fork AUI and issue a PR.
  • Ensure all commits are tagged with the issue key (AUI-1337 fixes to contributor guide).
  • Write tests. Unit tests are preferred over integration tests.
  • Most PRs will go into master, however you might want them to go into a stable branch. If so, set the target branch as the stable branch and the AUI team will manage merging stable into master after the PR is through.


AUI supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome latest stable
  • Firefox latest stable
  • Safari latest stable (on OS X only)
  • IE 9 / 10


AUI is released under the Apache 2 license. See the licenses directory for information about AUI and included libraries.