This is a simple CMS platform built on top of the Pyramid framework. The purpose of this CMS is for powering the website.

Another goal of this CMS is to learn and explore the API of the Pyramid framework, establish best practices for using the Pyramid framework when building a SQLalchemy+Traversal based application, and also to discover and document any common design patterns that present themselves throughout the design of the CMS system.

This system will be as generic as possible, but there will be times where things will be very specific to for the sake of time to market. I encourage and welcome people to refactor and submit patches for any area of the project that is tightly coupled to its purpose of powering

The technology stack for this project will be as followed: * Pyramid (w/ traversal, ACL) * SQLalchemy (w/ postgres) * Beaker (w/ memcahced) * Mako (w/ HTML5 + jQuery) * FormEncode and htmlfill