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A. ChemicalTagger Components:

    This package is used for marking up experimental sections in chemistry papers:
    It has 3 main classes:

        I. ChemistryPOSTagger:
        This class takes a sentence and runs it against (by default) three taggers:
             -OSCAR4 (for chemical entities)
             -Regex (for recognising key words)
             -OpenNLP (for English parts of speech)

        II. ChemistrySentenceParser:
           This class converts a tagged sentence into a parseTree. It uses a lexer and parser generated
        by the Antlr grammar.

        III. ASTtoXML:
        This class converts a parseTree into an XML document.

B. Running chemicalTagger:

public void parseChemicalSentence(){

  String text = "A solution of 124C (7.0 g, 32.4 mmol) in concentrate H2SO4 (9.5 mL) was added to a solution of concentrate H2SO4 (9.5 mL) and fuming HNO3 (13 mL) and the mixture was heated at 60°C for 30 min. After cooling to room temperature, the reaction mixture was added to iced 6M solution of NaOH (150 mL) and neutralized to pH 6 with 1N NaOH solution. The reaction mixture was extracted with dichloromethane (4x100 mL). The combined organic phases were dried over Na2SO4, filtered and concentrated to give 124D as a solid.";
  // Calling ChemistryPOSTagger

  POSContainer posContainer = ChemistryPOSTagger.getDefaultInstance().runTaggers(text);

  // Returns a string of TAG TOKEN format (e.g.: DT The NN cat VB sat IN on DT the NN matt)
  // Call ChemistrySentenceParser either by passing the POSContainer or by InputStream

  ChemistrySentenceParser chemistrySentenceParser = new ChemistrySentenceParser(posContainer);

  // Create a parseTree of the tagged input
  // Return an AST
  Tree t = chemistrySentenceParser.getParseTree();
  // Return an XMLDoc
  Document doc = chemistrySentenceParser.makeXMLDocument();