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Updates to new responsive panel layouts.

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  * @file
- * Template for a 2 column Clean Chemistry panel layout.
+ * Template for a layout with a 25% column on the left and a 75% column on the left.
  * This template provides a two column panel display layout with minimal markup.
  * Edited by Amy Brown November 2013


   'category' => t('WWU'),
   'icon' => 'clean-cs.png',
   'theme' => 'clean-cs',
-  'css' => '../../css/clean-cs.css',
+  'css' => '../../css/panel-layouts/clean-cs.css',
   'regions' => array(
     'top-left' => t('Top Left Column'),
     'top-right' => t('Top Right Column'),


     @include zen-grid-item(1,1);
+#edit-buttons {
+  clear:both;
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