wxGlade: A GUI builder for wxPython/wxWidgets

Version: 0.8.0a11 License: MIT (see LICENSE.txt)




To start the program, enter python in your shell or use whatever is required to start a python application on your platform. If you want to build a GUI for wxPython Classic or Phoenix: Start wxGlade in your target version - if it runs under Phoenix, it will create Phoenix code.


There's a tutorial in the docs subdirectory. You can view it from the help menu as well.

Submitting Issues

Writing a helpful bug report is easy if you follow some hints. The items below should help you to integrate useful information. They are not an absolute rule

  • it's more like a guideline.
  • What did you? May you want to include a screenshot.
  • What do you want to happen?
  • What actually happened?
  • Provide a short example to reproduce the issue.
  • Include the internal error log file wxglade.log always.

Please open a new bug in the wxGlade bug tracker on You have to log-in at Sourceforge to file a bug report.

Alternatively you can send the bug report to the wxGlade mailing list Keep in mind that you need a subscription for sending emails to this mailing list.

Known Bugs/Issues

Check the wxGlade bug tracker on for current open bugs.

For any kind of question, there's a mailing list on

Enjoy! Dietmar Schwertberger