upto file based functions

#650 Merged at a2c5708
  1. Shivashis Padhi
  • Add File Manager with important functions
  • add stub code for ftml file
  • add file based event handlers
  • Add tests for file-handlers based on HTTP(s)
  • Add test for save-file, fix pep 8 errors
  • Allow updation of path
  • Commit status
  • All tasks resolved

Comments (10)

  1. Shivashis Padhi author

    conf.py.sample updated, make sure to reflect those changes in conf.py before testing

  2. Reimar Bauer

    for the flighttrack files please add the extension to the filename.

    An extension is a used pattern to destinguish from pathes. Reading is simplified by that.

  3. Shivashis Padhi author

    Oh, blunder. I should not add ‘data’ to version control. In the next commit I’ll remove data directory and save it from being tracked.

    • remove data from git
    • remove parenthesis around boolean returns
    1. Shivashis Padhi author

      Useful information. Will keep this in mind while coding. As of now, I believe a None comparision is not being done.

  4. Reimar Bauer

    path operations need a kind of escaping

    This needs also a test for that. We should not be able to enter a e.g. ../../ relative path or escape out of the scope of the project.

    • path escaping check, also directory traversal using only 'fs' for windows compatibility
  5. Shivashis Padhi author

    Also, I apologize I didn’t comment as much. It’d make your task a lot easier. Starting next PR, please point it out if you don’t see comments. Before the first review, just briefly scan the PR and if you don’t feel it’s commented enough, let me know. This would also help during last week while writing documentation.

  6. Reimar Bauer

    Add to one of the tests a UTF-8 character which isn’t in the common ASCII table. This is just to find early problems because of some modules not handle correctly utf-8.

    • non ascii character for message/filename