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  • get_distance of now in cartopy

  • get_distance of now in cartopy

  • converted function requiring basemap to cartopy in

  • converted function requiring basemap to cartopy in

  • removed forloop

  • basic outline with cartopy, removed basemap (from and added test for 'npts_cartopy'

  • rewriting draw_auto_graticule

  • backend completion pull request

  • configured acording to source and target projections

  • redefined projections according to cartopy

  • revised changes, implemented barbs in cartopy

  • completed changes

  • revise styles

  • server side functioning w/o bugs and pipeline error fixed

  • WIP: Client Side

  • Blank plot appearing but map does not

  • added the ability to set extent

  • rewriting 'update_with_coordinates_change'

  • deleting axes from figure rather than clearing axes

  • germany now able to be plot from drop down in top view

  • get_lat_lon working now

  • appearance functions collected in seperate function and transform functions rewrote incartopy

  • checking for waypoint errors

  • waypoints labels redrawn correctly after projection change

  • waypoints & line updating successfully after projection change

  • minor bug fixed, mostly related to point transformation

  • worked map_parallels bool and tried debugging waypoints move/delete

  • wms shows img properly now

  • coastlines and ocean color features fixed

  • minor fix and Flake8 errors resolved

  • satellite track plotting

  • PlateCarreee ---> ax.projection

  • Stereographic projections now being able to plot, but alignment still a little off

  • minor cleaning of code

  • gridlines solved

  • WIP: EPSG Support

  • EPSG working on now plotting here

  • Stereographic bounds correct and 3857 plotting with default to world extent

  • Gridlines for Stereo projections fixed

  • improved but not perfect overlay of WMS map on UI and minor improvements

  • error on inserting waypoint at same position resolved

  • MSS:Stere projections working with correct provided extent

  • gridlines switching correctly for non-PlateCarree projections

  • land colors fixed and background color changes instantly

  • support added for epsg 3031 and 3412

  • added support for more stere EPSGs

  • All epsg supported by cartopy are now able to be plotted

  • added test for epsgs

  • Flake8 errors resolved

  • Fill continents checkbox function fixed

  • minor change and code correction

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