Added temporary directories with username. Closes #518.

#768 Merged at b70776c
  1. Prayas Jain
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  1. Shivashis Padhi

    Let’s try to implement the following thing

    • making the directory when the user logs in
    • deleting the directory when the user logs out
    • since authentication expires after a certain duration, every time mss restarts, let’s run a function to check directories made ‘a day’ earlier and delete them.

    We are doing this to prevent other users from seeing original user’s files. Unless we bind UNIX permissions into this, the above is one way to start with.

    Since they are temporary files, we have the liberty to delete them, we can just fetch them from server whenever required. One of GSoC projects involves offline development for mscolab, where we have to store files for longer times then. We have to bind some sort of security to prevent viewing these ‘offline’ files.

    Sounds good, @Prayas Jain ?

    1. Prayas Jain author

      Yes, it is a good approach to implementing security, currently the user logs out automatically when the application closes. I guess, @Vaibhav Mehra and I could look into that issue before I implement the deletion part.

  2. Shivashis Padhi

    Note that we aren’t using /tmp directory because, the ‘delete’ functionality is temporary. We have to secure this using encryption, when /filedata isn’t temporary storage anymore.

  3. Reimar Bauer

    you can run for principal pep8 check on your changes

    pytest --pep8 -k flight

    pytest --pep8 -k mscolab

    We do take care for pep8 because readabilty counts often that is looked up if one selects a project.

    If you want to look on some analyzes, e.g.

    1. Prayas Jain author

      Ran pytest with those arguments. mscolab did fail but thats because of not being able to connect to the server now for some apparent reason.

      However thats an issue of my local build, this part of the code will be working as intended.