Cellular Automata Playground


I threw this together so I could play around with the Game of Life and related stuff. It's not particularly sophisticated, but it's fun and the output can be mesmerizing.


Targets Python 3; Python 2.7 should work too.

NumPy is the only dependency. If you're running Linux, you probably won't need to do anything special; just pip install the package and you should be good to go. For other platforms, you might need to install a binary package before running pip install; those can be found here:

Note: Installation isn't strictly necessary. You can just install NumPy into your site-packages and then run the script like so (assuming $PWD is the top level of the project):

python -m cellautoplay ...


If you pip install the package, there will be a console script you can run:

$ cellauto -h

If you don't want to install the package, you can run the script like this:

$ python -m cellautoplay -h

For the best experience, put your terminal into full screen mode and figure out the number of rows and columns it has.

Game of Life

Okay, here's how to actually run the script:

$ cellauto --rule GameOfLife -r 62 -c 211

In this example, the grid will be randomly initialized. It's also possible to intialize the grid in a deterministic way:

$ cellauto --rule GameOfLife -r 62 -c 211 initializer=all_cells

Initializing all rows doesn't do anything interesting. Try this instead:

$ cellauto --rule GameOfLife -r 62 -c 211 initializer=border n=2

There are other intializers available; see rules.GameOfLife to see what they are. You can also write your own. Just add a method whose name starts with initializer_ that takes the grid, a row, and a column as args and returns True if the cell should be on initially or False if it should be off. If your initializer has keyword args, these can be set via the command line as shown above (n=2).


There's another game included called Genesis. It starts out with a population of two adults and then evolves from there according to various rules (natural death, random death due to overpopulation, and birth).

Genesis is always initialized in a random fashion:

$ cellauto --rule Genesis -r 62 -c 211