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Added .DS_Store directory to be ignored by git
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In magnetostriction demo, separated matrix and vector assembly out to c++ and everything else to fortran. Simplified the calls between fortran and c. Added tests.
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Added SetSubDomain command to VariableParser to wire up setting variable values on subdomains. Added Padraig O Conbhui to Authors lists.


This is the source code for the Micromagnetic modelling programme using the finite element method.

Micromagnetic Earth Related Robust Interpreter Language Laboratory Finite element solver by Wyn Williams 2005 with contributions Hubert-Minimization / Paths / Scripting by Karl Fabian 2014 and Multiphase / Optimization / Testing, refactoring, packaging by Padraig O Conbhui 2017

Open source routines by G. Benthien : string module NAG library : sparse matrix solver

What is this repository for?

This is an open source code and we welcome contributors.

How do I get set up?

The code is configured using CMake and can be compiled with a standard compliant fortran compiler. A script used to compile binary distributions is in scripts/merrill-static/ It has been compiled with the Intel, GNU and PGI fortran compilers. It can be compiled in Linux and OSX using the standard fortran compilers. It has been compiled for Windows using the MinGW fortran compiler.

Contribution guidelines

Who do I talk to?

Further information can be obtained from Wyn Williams at Karl Fabian at Padraig O Conbhui at