These are files to enhance the microtonal support in LilyPond,
incuding Sagittal and Extended Helmholtz-Ellis notations.
It probably came from or

The Sagittal font and musical examples were provided by
Dave Keenan and George Secor.
There's some kind of license on them.
The code to implement the example is mine.

The HE font for Extended Helmholtz-Ellis Pitch Notation
is shareware and can be download from
Install it as a system font.

Everything else you can do what you like with. -- Standard file for JI retuning, used by the Athenian and
Promethean implementations., addmts.py3 -- Retune output MIDI files to use the
MIDI Tuning Standard

Sagittal2.0d10.otf -- the Sagittal font.  Check for the latest at -- support code for the Sagittal glyphs. -- support for just intonation with Athenian EDA accidentals. -- more precise accidentals than Athenian -- just intonation written as 12 note equal temperament.
    (This makes sense when used with cents.) -- common code for Sagittal with just intonation -- just intonation rounded off to 72-EDO -- ratios mapped to 72-equal -- just intonation with accidentals for 72-equal -- Same things with 60 divisions -- Athenian accidentals but consistently applied
               according to 224-equal. -- common code for Trojan notations of JI -- Extended Helmholtz-Ellis JI Pitch Notation support -- helper code for JI input -- example of JI duplicating the Sagittal paper.  Output in
ratios.pdf and ratios.midi -- the harmonic series in Extended Helmholtz-Ellis
                Pitch Notation. -- another Extended Helmholtz-Ellis Pitch Notation
                   example matching one of the defining papers. -- another Sagittal example