Coincer: The Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coincer is written in Ruby. You need at least version 1.9. Run `bundle install` to install all required Ruby libraries (gems).

1. Copy `config.yml.example` to `config.yml`.
2. Open `config.yml` in any text editor and uncomment coins you would like to use.
3. Set correct logins and passwords for RPC to your wallets. You should be able to find these settings in wallets' configuration files, e.g. `~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf` for Bitcoin Core.
4. If you have Ruby 2.2 or newer (you can find out by running `ruby -v`), open also `Gemfile` and remove whole version string for `digest-sha3`. Then run `bundle install`

1. Start your wallets in server mode on testnet.
2. Start Coincer by `ruby prototype.rb` within Coincer's folder.
3. Verify by command `balances` that connections to your wallets work.
4. Enjoy trading! :c)

This is a development version, not very stable. Don't trade any mainnet coins (by default only testnet coins are enabled).

If you find any bugs or problems, please report them.

How to add your coin to Coincer
There are few requirements that an altcoin has to satisfy to get added to Coincer:
1. It must not allow transaction malleability.
2. It must treat P2SH transactions as standard.
3. Currently it must provide bitcoind-compatible RPC interface.
4. It must implement Bitcoin scripting language. Currently it also must use Bitcoin-compatible transaction structures.
5. For interoperability reasons, RMD160 and SHA256 functions within supported script operations are required.

If our coin satisfies these requirements and has a testnet, contact me!

Author & Contact
Coincer is written by xHire. You can get in touch with me on IRC channel #coincer on freenode.net. All feedback is welcome!

Coincer's homepage is http://www.coincer.org/.