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typed deck of cards and deserializing it from file

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 import Text.Printf
 import System.Environment(getArgs)
+data Card = Card String String
+          deriving (Show, Read)
+data Deck = Deck [Card]
+          deriving (Show, Read)
+cardPair :: Card -> (String, String)
+cardPair (Card x y) = (x, y)
+deckPairs :: Deck -> [(String, String)]
+deckPairs (Deck cards) = map cardPair cards
 randHd :: [a] -> StdGen -> ([a], StdGen)
 randHd [] g = ([], g)
 randHd (x:[]) g = ([x], g)
          ans <- getLine
 	 if a == ans then f tl (q, a, ans) (good + 1) bad gg else f full (q, a, ans) good (bad + 1) gg
-getLines = liftM lines . readFile
-pair xs = map snd . filter fst . zip (iterate not True) $ zip xs (drop 1 xs)
 main = do
   args <- getArgs
-  xs <- getLines $ head args
+  xs <- readFile $ head args
   myg <- newStdGen
-  let deck = pair xs in
+  let deck = deckPairs (read xs :: Deck) in
     f deck ("", "", "") 0 0 myg
+Deck [
+Card "a" "alfa",
+Card "b" "bravo",
+Card "c" "charlie",
+Card "d" "delta",
+Card "e" "echo",
+Card "f" "foxtrot",
+Card "g" "golf",
+Card "h" "hotel",
+Card "i" "india",
+Card "j" "juliett",
+Card "k" "kilo",
+Card "l" "lima",
+Card "m" "mike",
+Card "n" "november",
+Card "o" "oscar",
+Card "p" "papa",
+Card "q" "quebec",
+Card "r" "romeo",
+Card "s" "sierra",
+Card "t" "tango",
+Card "u" "uniform",
+Card "v" "viktor",
+Card "w" "whiskey",
+Card "x" "xray",
+Card "y" "yankee",
+Card "z" "zulu" ]
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