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Starting with bandits in Jupiter and sending a squad to Jupiter Lookout magically captures it instantly. Also there are 2 bandits with trader faction at the starting location. My problems with bases are the empty ones. There should not be any empty bases in my opinion, it's a bit stupid. Idea: Big/main bases and smaller bases. Smaller ones with respawn multipiler and/or beginner squad only while big bases would have normal respawns and chance for more experienced squads. Red Forest has no squads at all for some reason and Zaton/Jupiter/Outskirts are really low on squads too. Pic

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  1. xarshi repo owner

    That is a very strange issue, I'll have to check into whats causing it.

    Other concerns:

    • Unique squads are switched to trader faction. That is what you are seeing.

    • The empty bases are purely due to your own settings.

    • Red forest is the same deal as above, set your stalker population factor in the vanilla options menu to something higher than 0.5 or something. Seems like you have it pretty low.

    Here is an image with random starting locations on and a population factor of 1: xrEngine 2017-03-26 03-57-28-75.png

    Here is a pic of the population factors in vanilla game options: xrEngine 2017-03-26 03-59-30-56.png

  2. Balathruin reporter

    I have population factor on 1, I think the problem is caused by random starting locations off. The trader bandits are completely neutral and they will stay there all time, even if Monolith takes the place, but they don't have infinite money or anything. Also the squads at the containers can take any empty territory or base instantly if I move them.

  3. xarshi repo owner

    No, that's just how it is in vanilla CoC. I can modify the simulation.ltx trivially, but felt it unnecessary when you could enable random spawns and get the map as filled as you desire.

    These are the initial spawns for Red Forest in vanilla CoC:

    [red_smart_terrain_3_1] simulation_mix_dogs = 1

    [red_smart_terrain_3_2] red_forest_karlik = 1

    [red_smart_terrain_3_3] simulation_bloodsucker = 1

    [red_smart_terrain_4_3] simulation_mix_dogs = 1

    [red_smart_terrain_4_5] simulation_psy_dog = 1

    [red_smart_terrain_5_5] simulation_mix_boar_flesh = 1

    [red_smart_terrain_5_6] simulation_chimera = 1

    [red_smart_terrain_6_3] simulation_gigant = 1

    [red_smart_terrain_6_6] simulation_cat = 1

    [red_smart_terrain_monsters] simulation_burer = 1

    [red_smart_terrain_monsters_2] simulation_snork = 1

    [red_smart_terrain_monsters_3] simulation_controller = 1

    The bandits are part of the trader faction. Trader faction is neutral to everyone.

    As for the containers thing, its not specifically any squad at containers. It seems to happen with a great deal of smart terrains in Jupiter.

  4. Balathruin reporter

    That's weird then. I did not want to use random spawns, but looks like I might have to. Or mod it for myself.
    Many people are confused about the random trader NPCs, I think it would be better to make it optional or something. I'm trying to modify traders and mechanics in my game to be trader faction and disable the script what you made.
    I never had the instacapture later in the game, only when I start and move one of the two squads at the containers. I have an other squad southeast where Mercs are in your picture, they can't capture anything instantly.
    What about the small/main base idea?

  5. xarshi repo owner

    Well, if you want to work with me in coming up with good initial spawns, I'm totally open to the idea. Otherwise I can take a swing at it at some point and let people modify it as they see fit. You can edit all of that in gamedata/configs/simulation.ltx.

    Well, they aren't actually traders most of the time. The issue is I want to maintain compatibility with tasks that utilize unique NPCs, but I also don't want unique NPCs taking part in the faction wars as that'd be horrible.

    Huh, that's really strange. I'll need to mess with that some more and see what I can figure out then.

    As for the larger / smaller bases, are you saying that they should be two different types of smart terrains, or that smaller bases should simply have a spawn rate relative to its perceived size? Either way couldn't hurt.

  6. Balathruin reporter

    The only problem is, I can't understand scripts yet, only the ltx config files.
    Yes, I don't know why it's this way. At least traders should not be part of a faction.

    Bases: For example, Jupiter has 5 bases: Checkpoint, Jupiter Lookout, Yanov station, Hermann's bunker and Kopachy Village. Two of these should be main bases, the bunker and the station (maybe the village). Checkpoint and lookout should not have the same rate of spawns as the other two. Basically bases with traders and mechanics are the biggest ones (more than 5 squads max), then the ones with important character/trader (3-4 max squads) and then small ones with regular squads only (2-3 squads max). You should take a look at some territories and resources too. Some have 3 max squads (Roadside camp) while there's basically nothing.
    Bases with double (or more) smart terrains (like Jupiter lookout, Agroprom 1): The other points should be targeted all time with squads automatically moving there if the base is full while the other has some space left. Same should apply on small main bases (Hermann's bunker), they need one or two secondary points close to keep it big.
    1: Just realised Agroprom bases are weird. The army one is three smart terrains, all bases, the Loner one is 4 smarts and all four are bases. That's waaay to much.

  7. MJ20393

    There is a bug when you travel from one map to another. Every base that has less squads then maximum will spawn new squad. It really ruins everything if you set base timers to spawn squad every day for example,

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