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I am unsure if this has been fixed as of yet but I am posting just in case. I am currently playing as the monolith in Call Of Chernobyl and two days into playing I have started receiving this error of Not enough IDS. I've looked and seen others have had the same problem but so far I'm unsure as to how to fix this or if this is something i can even fix. Any help or feedback would be much appreciated.

[error]Expression : m_available_count
[error]Function : CID_Generator<unsigned int,unsigned char,unsigned short,unsigned char,unsigned short,0,65534,256,65535,0>::tfGetID
[error]File : e:\stalker\x-ray source\x-ray_callofchernobyl\src\xrgame\id_generator.h [error]Line : 92
[error]Description : Not enough IDs

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  1. xarshi repo owner

    Anyone else experiencing this, please tell me what your stalker population density is set to.

    This is caused by there being enough bases where when all are occupied, it risks receiving this error. I will be cutting way back on bases in an update coming up which will alleviate this issue.

  2. ItzzKaRL

    Im experiencing the same issue as OP, about 2 days in my military campaign i receive this error. My population facter for stalkers is set to 1.5 my mutants is at 1

  3. Борис

    My population facter for stalkers is set to 0.5 my mutants is at 0.25. I noticed that the error I have stably appears when starting a new game in the vicinity of Jupiter and in a dark valley. An error occurred after 1-5 minutes from the beginning of the game. If the new game is started on Cordone or the Research Institute of Agroprom, the game is going well and you can play calmly for a week. I am russian. There may be errors in the text. I translated from Russian into English through an

  4. xarshi repo owner

    Didn't see this somehow. Thank you for that information, that's interesting; not sure why that'd affect things, hopefully I can reproduce the issue accurately (unfortunately I've started games in jupiter recently and it was all fine). I'm not sure if this is still an issue but I imagine it is.

  5. longignol

    I experienced this error after a week or two in the zone, during a military campaign on the swamps.

    Stalker pop 0.25, mutant 0.5 I'm also using Full A-Life Simulation addon.

    The maximum numbers of IDs is 65533, and considering every object in the world has an ID.. It shouldn't surprise me to exceed that limit.

    I'm using "Delete Objects when dropped" option from menu and I also decreased the ammount of corpses and time to clean them up. But I think I only delayed this crash.

    I think the mayor weight here are items on NPC's inventorys. Because the bodies may dissapear, but they get looted by another NPC and this process repeats every time.

    Possible solutions:

    Dissable NPC looting----- Clear NPC's inventory on level change or every X time & Clear bodies on level change or every X time.

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