Factions starting with only one base

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Kacper Kordasinski
created an issue

I think it would be nice feature if there was an option that makes factions start with one base. Also I think it would be really fun with progressive loadouts

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  1. xarshi repo owner

    Sure, that'd work well with the random starting locations recently added in. Ideally, I'd like to include more options for initial conditions. So things like mutant density on individual levels, chances of various factions spawning for each level and overall population density, along with one starting base per faction.

    I'm planning a set of updates soon to add in zombie hordes for survival mode (actual hordes that re-generate zombie squads over time; the group of squads would move with each other and idle at points from time to time to allow squads to catch up), as well as better patrols for bases which actually patrol territory rather than wander the zone aimlessly.

    May also add in the ability to have random squads which will wander the zone without taking part in the faction wars, behaving like vanilla squads for the most part (may even just use vanilla code to get targets for them...).

    Probably gonna end up posting some issues on this today. Definitely interested in progressive loadouts, think I'm willing to offer up the time to actually do that now as I've been wanting to dust off my random weapon script and make it a little better.

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