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Hi sir/ma'am Xarshi, I'm gelotress on ModDB. Firstly, thanks for the mod/addon and for replying in ModDB. I read that you preferred it here so I'll continue here. I'd like to get the squatting/sitting stalkers(marked as Traders) whose doing nothing/unessential out if possible? They really get in the way at times(and to also get a few bumps in FPS so I can add more squad members, preferably 4, as the game and my immersion seems to like it xD).. Like when the base is attacked by enemy faction/s they would sometimes run in front of you/push you out of cover just to loot the dead stalkers from the fight, and yeah.. the loots are gone too, and I dun wanna kill them as well as my FPS would get worse if more and more corpse would pile up each time x.x, they can also get distracting when in firefight.. Would it be possible if you could give me some info/hints on what to do in the codes/files in order to achieve my goal? I've read through some of your codes/files(if that's okay? :x) and found out that it's somewhat hardcoded(atleast in framework) to spawn in squads, like for example the trader(the real trader in the bar, the one where you can buy stuffs) would spawn in with some other stalkers included, and they would go about wondering outside.. I figured that if I could somehow alter the min and max member in squad when spawning the real trader I could get it to spawn alone? Same with the other NPCs. 1 trader and 1 mechanic and no other NPCs would be a great option too.. You can talk technically, in terms of codes/functions, etc as I code/program too myself, just please don't overdo it cause I might drown from your experience/expertise o_o. Thank you very much~ Oh and of course it's only for personal use, I won't upload/give the modified file/s(unless otherwise you say so) as respect :D.

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