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  1. MJ20393 reporter

    There is a bug when you travel from one map to another. Every base that has less squads then maximum will spawn new squad. It really ruins everything if you set base timers to spawn squad every day for example

  2. MJ20393 reporter

    Thanks man. I think timers keep counting corect, it is just that every base which is not full spawn new squad like 15sec after loading new map I think.

  3. MJ20393 reporter

    Its happening again, I gave it a try. Also one more thing. When you send squad to capture a base that wasnt occupied before (in the beginning) that base spawns more squads to make it full. So you send one squad to occupy base with max population of 3 and when it does that base has population of 3 instead of 1.

  4. xarshi repo owner

    I'm looking into it. At first glance, it did look like the issue was there, but when I added debug statements it ended up being a group of bases with the same next update time. So I'm not entirely sure whats going on - the code is such that it should not be spawning new squads unless the update time is reached.

  5. MJ20393 reporter

    Just try to increase times on like 6000. It is visible if you try it like that. New squad spawn around 15 sec after new map is loaded. Let me know if you notice it please.

  6. MJ20393 reporter

    Timers are not working properly again. I started new game with 1.5r6 and warfare95bb4a44557c. One more questiom mate. When can you add option for different squad sizes for each faction?

  7. xarshi repo owner

    The code for that stuff hasn't changed, however, it may be due to me decreasing the initial wait time for warfare to begin. For online smarts it seems to be working fine for me, but offline smarts seem to show -1 which then causes the base to respawn.

    Gonna do a bit more digging though. And I'm not sure exactly when I'll get to that, I'm not entirely sure when.

    Edit: Hmm, offline smarts seemed to correctly keep their timers and the function will return if the timer exists still. Can you explain what exactly the issue is that you're seeing? Its not that I dont believe you, its just that I'm having a hard time to see the issue myself.

  8. MJ20393 reporter

    I spawned as mercenary in Dead City. There was 6-7 squads of mercs and 7-8 squads of bandits, I rushed out to clear bandits but after 10minutes of gameplay there was arourd 12 squads of mercs. I set timers so high like 10040 for mercs because I want them to spawn after 6-7 days. I started new game and stayed in base just to look how squads fight and new squads spawned after real life 2min and then again new one after around 1-2 min. Timer for bandits is 3 days.

  9. xarshi repo owner

    Were those squads staying at the base or heading out somewhere? I'm having a hard time replicating this, but I did remember this:

    Currently, patrol squads are spawned every 2 to 10 in-game minutes if there aren't too many. I feel like its likely that this is what you're experiencing, not sure though. I'll make the patrol squads have their own timer I think.

  10. MJ20393 reporter

    Yes they are going somewhere. They never stay in base. That must be it. Please just put a timer so we can adjust it according to defence squad timer.

  11. xarshi repo owner

    The update I pushed last night addresses this issue. min_patrol_time and max_patrol_time for factions will now work just like the repawn time for factions but for patrol squads. Also added in a departure chance variable for factions so you can stop them from sending off invasions immediately, causing the full invasion force to linger at their home base.

  12. xarshi repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Re-opening so I remember to do the individual min and max random squad count for each faction. Going to get that + a new options menu implemented tonight.

  13. xarshi repo owner

    Haven't forgot, just been redoing all the UI and had to get it stable. The squad sizes will be part of the new faction UI. Basically all done now, just gotta test some stuff out.

    xrEngine 2017-10-16 14-38-13-81.png

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